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Romantic Poetry - Essay Example

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Course Date Romantic Poetry In this paper it is necessary to discuss two short William Blake’s poems. Two poems of my choice are Infant Joy and The Smile. Thus, we are going to investigate to what extent they are Romantic…
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Romantic Poetry
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"Romantic Poetry"

Download file to see previous pages Blake, being a creative poet, based most of his literary works on a wide popular style of Romanticism, leaving after him the great poems, such as Wordsworth, Coleridge, Wollstonecraft and others. For a great regret, unconventional and enigmatic works of William Blake did not achieve an understanding of people of his time, but exactly now, due to the gradual realization, studying and actively publishing, his works, like his biography – a biography of a thinker, rebel, seeker, mastermind and sage - are shared. Investigating both poems it becomes obvious that the author wrote them being in a big inspiration, because all words go from the bottom of his heart, allowing some natural expression being visible. The poem Infant Joy shows us the true nature of every person, because the main aim of all people is to be happy like newborn children who never know sorrow and regret, while their hearts and minds are open to the world and they are looking for good feelings and joy. Observing the poem The Smile we can say that it describes ‘smile’ as something symbolical to personal feelings and thoughts, while deeper motives of every person are reflected trough the smile, making it unique and mysterious. The poem The Smile is a kind of a very intimate confession where the author explains the necessity to be ‘smiling’ in the meaning of kindness and tenderness of feelings. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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