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3 May, 2011. Engineering ethics: Engineering ethics are the ethics of profession (Harris et al 93). Engineering is one of the most important professions and has wide application in every field of science…
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Any engineering ethical issue happend in the LAST TWO MONTHS
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3 May, Engineering ethics: Engineering ethics are the ethics of profession (Harriset al 93). Engineering is one of the most important professions and has wide application in every field of science. This paper discusses an engineering ethics issue that occurred in 2011, and is thus one of the most recent engineering ethics issues. Oil drilling companies are fundamentally involved in the engineering work. Less than two months ago on 16 March 2011, a massive oil spill occurred that caused severe loss to the marine life and the penguins. At a distance of about 1500 miles towards the west of Cape Town in South Africa, oil spill occurred in the south Atlantic that put millions of Northern Rockhopper penguins’ life in danger (“Fragile Earth” 1). In the present time, the most rare and endangered Penguin specie is the Rockhopper Penguin. The very specie ha been affected the most by this incident. It is quite likely that this incident becomes sufficient to make this specie completely extinct. Tons of diesel fuel and crude oil have soaked their furs and blocked their nostrils. A lot of penguins have died since the spill occurred. This is the most severe oil spill that has occurred in 2011 and is a potential issue of engineering ethics. The oil discharging company remained highly unethical in its practice. In this course, we have been taught that engineers should discharge the waste in ways that are environment friendly. The oil spill in the south Atlantic was totally unfriendly towards the environment. Works Cited: “Fragile Earth: Oil Spill, March 16 2011, Threatens world's most endangered species of Penguin.” 2011. Web. 3 May. 2011. . Harris, Charles E., Davis, Michael, Pritchard, Michael S., and Rabins, Michael J. “Engineering Ethics: What? Why? How? And When.” Journal of Engineering Education. (1996): 93-96. Web. 3 May. 2011. . Read More
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