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CT Scan in Lung Cancer: Ethical Analysis of Research Papers Part A Potential conflicts of interest: 1. The main financing for this research was from Liggett group, a tobacco company and this aspect was not disclosed in the article. What was printed at the end of the study was that the study was financed by a foundation called the Foundation for Lung Cancer: Early Detection, prevention and Treatment…
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CT scans to detect lung cancer
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CT Scan in Lung Cancer: Ethical Analysis of Research Papers Part A Potential conflicts of interest The main financing for this research was from Liggett group, a tobacco company and this aspect was not disclosed in the article. What was printed at the end of the study was that the study was financed by a foundation called the Foundation for Lung Cancer: Early Detection, prevention and Treatment. The principal researchers of this research were The article was published Dr. Henschke and Dr. Yankelevitz. The financing was revealed by chance during review of tax records. Research pertaining to lung cancer cannot be funded by tobacco company because of potential bias. In this research, the researchers have concluded that 80 percent of lung cancers can be detected in early stages through CT screening and what they are trying to tell is lung cancer is not all that bad, which is actually beneficial for a tobacco company because, the worst health problem projected against smoking is lung cancer. Funding by any other company other than a tobacco company could have avoided this conflict of interest. 2. CT screening is fraught with risk of radiation. It is also an expensive procedure and can contribute to unnecessary biopsies and surgeries in those with cancers that actually do not progress. Because of this, critics have raised ethical issues about routine screening of individuals at risk of cancer, i.e., those with history of smoking. The better way to prevent lung cancer is to educate people about the risks associated with smoking a nd various measures to prevent smoking. 3. The researchers, Dr. Henschke and Dr. Yankelevitz did not disclose one patent and 10 pending patents concerned to screening of lung cancer with CT scan. The patent was issued to general Electric, one of the prominent makers of CT scanners. While the spokesman of the university mentioned that the researchers did not disclose this data because they did not find this relevant, the editors of the journal in which the article was published placed a correction note later that they were not aware of all these disclosed aspects and they they regret publishing a research paper funded by tobacco company. Part B In the previous part, 3 conflicts of interests were identified and the research's ethical analysis tainted the research. The current article is however confusing. On one side, routine CT screening has been found to be advantageous because, it helps in the identification of lung cancer in early stages facilitating early treatment, thus decreasing 20 percent of deaths related to lung cancer. Also, other problems like emphysema, chronic bronchitis and benign conditions can also be identified during screening. there conditions are common in older people and early diagnosis of these problems helps in prompt treatment. On the other hand, CT scan screening is an expensive procedure and for proper early detection, atleast 3 scans must be done. This exposes the recipients of screening to radiation and identification of harmless lesions leading to unnecessary biopsies and surgeries. Read More
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