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Setting Your Church Free--Neil T. Anderson - Book Report/Review Example

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In Setting Your Church Free: A Biblical Plan to Help Your Church, Neil T. Anderson lays out a clear, thorough plan to engage an entire church in spiritual warfare and free the church itself from demonic bondage. The solution he lays out starts with a vigorous and engaged pastor, but emphasizes that demonic influences cannot truly be purged until the entire congregation fights together…
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Setting Your Church Free--Neil T. Anderson
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"Setting Your Church Free--Neil T. Anderson"

Download file to see previous pages Further, he warns us that without such a foundation, the church will be vulnerable to the spiritual enemies that invariably assail those who seek to do God’s work on earth. Many ministries, Anderson points out, seem to think that it is sufficient simply to repeat the plain truths of Christ to their congregation and admonish them to be good Christians. Were the work of the church simply to change human hearts and minds, that might be sufficient, but, as Anderson reminds us, the work of the church is to defeat the demonic forces that seek to keep Christians in spiritual bondage. The key structural concepts of the plan to oppose Satanic bondage that Anderson lays out are the necessity of engagement by the entire congregation, and the importance of strong leadership by the pastor. It is necessary for the entire church to participate in the renunciations of Satan and whatever curses or bondage he may have laid on the church, but it is first necessary that the pastor have the courage and will to tell them to do it. Someone must teach the congregation the right things to say, lead them in saying them, and overcome any reservations or demon-inspired objections that some congregants may raise, especially those still in bondage. Spiritual bondage is no joke, Anderson emphasizes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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