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Mary Todd and Abraham - Essay Example

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When the letter of Mary Todd to Abraham Lincoln is to be searched for clues as to their relationship as a couple, it can be said that the two have come to an agreement to entwine their political careers into their personal lives. While Abraham is away, Mary Todd awaits any news about his health or his whereabouts, and at the same time she governs some of the issues that she can conquer on her own, but not without his approval…
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Mary Todd and Abraham
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"Mary Todd and Abraham"

Download file to see previous pages The letter reveals that the First Lady was more than a wife to the President. During that time, she was also his adviser, assistant, and bearer of blessings for the people. Where Abraham cannot be, Mary Todd is there so that the people will have someone to talk to about their problems and woes. Mary Todd is given the liberty to act out on her own, but she does not abuse it and still calls to Abraham for the final say. Their relationship as a couple and as partners is a healthy give-and-take one. The letter reveals that Abraham Lincoln regards his family just like he would do his country. Mary Todd knows that Abraham is not accustomed to writing, yet she still writes to update him, and although no reply is imminent, she still intends to tell him what is going on with their family. In return, Abraham expresses his love for his family by making sure that they are well and that they have everything that they need. When Mary Todd asked for money, she assumed that Abraham will send it, which means that Abraham tends to their needs just like he oversees the needs of everyone. After reading the letter, it can be concluded that the study of primary documents is important because it conveys a lot about the writer of the letter and the intended recipient. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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