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Name: Institution: Course: Instructor: Date: Ibrahim Ibrahim, who is also known as Abraham is recognized by Islam as a prophet and apostle of Allah; this is because of his holy life, fulfilling Allah’s commandments and overcoming many trial that Allah had put before him…
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Download file to see previous pages In Islam, Abraham is considered the father of Prophet Ishmael and Isaac; in addition, he was also the grandfather of Prophet Jacob and an ancestor of Prophet Mohammed. He is considered as the father of monotheism (worship of one God); the Quran describes him as a person who believed in one true God and he was obedient to his commandments. Abraham was given the title ‘Khalilullah’ which means the friend of Allah; the Quran is quoted as saying ‘who can better be in faith than the one who submit his entire person to Allah, does good and follows the manner of Ibrahim the correct in faith? For Allah did take Ibrahim for a friend. As can be seen from the title that Abraham was given as a friend of Allah, Muslims are called upon to try and imitate Abraham in their faith which would bring them closer to Allah; all their actions and activities should be geared to conformity to those of Abraham. Another great feature that Abraham has contributed to Islam is the construction of Kaaba. Abraham, together with his son Ishmael constructed the Kaaba, which can be found in the modern day Saudi Arabia. In regard to the Kaaba, Muslims are required to make pilgrimage at least once in their lifetime if they can afford the journey; this is to show the return to perfection of the Abrahamic faith (Qu?ait?i?, 34). The character and personality of Abraham has been focussed on in the Quran than any other person, with his kindness and compassion being the areas that have been focussed on the most. The Quran tells us of Abraham as being brought up by a wicked father who was idolatrous and ignorant as his son tried to advice him to leave his wicked ways and turn back to God but he refused. At one point, Azar, who was the father of Abraham, threatened to stone him to death if he did not stop preaching to the people; Abraham ignored this threat. Despite the rocky relationship between him and his father, Ibrahim prayed to Allah to pardon his elders and his family for all their wrong doings. Muslims use this kind nature of Ibrahim as a model of how individuals should be towards others and in particular their elders. When God revealed to Abraham his intention to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, he prayed for them that God might have mercy on them; this shows the compassionate nature of Abraham although God destroyed the city in the end. To Muslims, Abraham symbolises the highest moral values that a human being should possess. This is evident when the angels came to tell him of the birth of Isaac; he was quick to welcome and entertain them with a calf although they were strangers. To demonstrate the faith that Abraham had in God, Abraham saw a vision that he was required to sacrifice his own son and when told his son of this vision and he submitted himself to the will of Allah. When Abraham had laid Isaac on the altar ready to sacrifice him, God called him and told him to stop as he had already demonstrated his faith in him; this kind of faith is emphasized in Islam where Muslims are required to submit themselves to the will of God. The importance of Abraham in Islam is also seen in the direction that the Muslims are required to face in their prayers. When praying Muslims are require to face Mecca which is the holy city associated with Abraham as it contains the kabba which Abraham built with his son Ishmael. In addition Muslims are required to pray at least five times a day, one of which they must ask God to send his blessing to Prophet Abraham. The celebration of Eid-ul-Adha, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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