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Women Characters in Othello and The Rover - Essay Example

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Literature evolves from life. Whether it is Elizabethan age or very recent canon of post-modernism, literature has continued to bear the imprints of life and society within the compass of its creativity…
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Women Characters in Othello and The Rover
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"Women Characters in Othello and The Rover"

Download file to see previous pages The plays “Othello” by William Shakespeare and “The Rover” by Aphra Behn bear the essence of their time and most importantly both these contemporary plays have emerged beyond their time, captivating some of the most recent post-modern interpretations and feministic bent of perception has been poignant in their purview. Role of Women in the Plays “Othello” and “The Rover” Against the Context of the Male Dominated Society In order to discuss the alternative role of women in the plays that has evolved from a male –dominated society, it is essential to judge the genre of both the works as the nature of the plays shall evidently determine the perspective from which the women and her empowerment as an alternative factor in a society dominated by masculine facades are presented. It is noteworthy that the play, “Othello” by William Shakespeare is out and out a tragedy, where Desdemona, the victim and the wife of Othello falls prey into the trap of misunderstanding and false infidelity from her husband’s end. On the other hand, “The Rover” by Aphra Behn is a very popular Restoration Comedy where there are multiple plots and intriguingly all of them contain women as a pivot to the plot development. In “Othello” Shakespeare has tried to portray a strong Venetian patriarchal society where the women are viewed as an object of possession, an entity of subjugation, a temptress and a whore but at the same platform they are also viewed as powerless creatures falling into the omnipotent and all-pervasive clutches of destiny designed by men themselves. The three women character Desdemona, Emilia and Bianca are seen at the outset of the play respecting men almost to the point of worshipping them. But Desdemona’s tragic trajectory definitely serves as a lesson to the other women and Desdemona as well. Emilia is seen evolving out as a power centre in the play after the tragic consequence of Desdemona and by the climax of the play, women characters in the play are shown internalising society’s expectations about them. On the same platform they were shown to subjugate under and accept the male authority, behaving the way men want them to react and that seems ‘natural’ to them and to the readers. But in their private moments, they are seen evolving as an alternative power centre in the male dominated society, ‘Nay, we must think men are not gods’ (Shakespeare, 2008). The evolution or the transformation of women characters and the kind of language and actions of women characters incorporated in the plot of the play “Othello” by Shakespeare indicate that Shakespeare’s three women characters although seem subservient but the women characters in the play exhibit a role that indicates a step tentative of approach towards an egalitarian society. This is achieved by the female characters of the play by coming out of the conventional role allotted to the women by men folk of the society. The play “The Rover” is an excellent piece of restoration comedy which was written in two halves and the first part is divided into five plots. There is a definite and pertinent feministic bent within the plot of the play which is displayed through fragmented instances and incidents in the play pertaining to women, vulnerable to rape. Also the tragic consequence of Angellica after being jilted by Wilmore, it becomes quite obvious that Behn used the platform of comedy to launch a protest movement against the powerless status of women in her society. Every plot of the play has a women character subjugated to injustice and misery in the play. And all these women characters simultaneously try to break free the conventional role assigned to them by the society to evolve out as peer and sometimes superior to the men in the play. For ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Othello unconvinced on the matter. In this situation, Brabanzio considers his daughter as a person who cannot make her own decisions. He portrays his daughter as a naive character, thus, portraying all women as naive persons incapable of making their own decisions (Shakespeare 27). Desdemona defends her husband by indicating that their marriage was genuine, a situation that irritated her father. Brabanzio’s character indicates that women should not make decisions in the absence of men, and are, therefore, inferior. Shakespeare’s play, Othello, depicts men as superior, with society having a male dominion. Most males are superior citizens, holding central...
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..., at large. However, his display and frequency in the way he uses Iago and relates him to misogyny is still not a good idea. He has used Iago in the entire play making him one of the main characters displaying positivity in the minds of the readers. This is a revelation that Shakespeare himself is a misogynist. Another evident is from Othello, one other character who play a significant role in the play. In the first scene of act 2, he appears to be very kind and reasonable towards women. He says, she gave me for my pains a world of sighs. She swore, in faith, ‘twas strange, twas passing strange; twas pitiful, ‘twas wondrous pitiful.” (3.1. 123-124). However, he later...
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...DECEPTION AND AMBIGUITY IN OTHELLO Most critics contend that in Shakespeare’s play Othello, Desdemona is the ultimate victim of an inevitable tragedyas women frequently fall victim to men’s offenses and it is always the men who determine social structures. The emphasis on the patriarchal society in this classic play, according to some critics, only exhibits that the social composition of that particular period tolerated the undignified treatment of women, handled as mere property, and their lowly status in society in which they fall as victims in the end (Hageman 56). However, a careful reevaluation of the play points to the fact that the ultimate victim in this classic...
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...The most interesting factor of Shakespeares depiction of women in his plays is that women are silenced towards the end of the play by their male counterparts. The actions and choices of men make women close their mouth in many Shakespearian plays. Shakespeare was very efficient in portraying human behavior. He wonderfully depicted the stand of women in a society that was patriarchal in nature. This is evident in the playwright’s treatment of the heroines in the tragedies Hamlet, Antony and Cleopatra and Othello. The effects of patriarchal system on female characters are evident in the plays. In Shakespeares celebrated play...
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...Othello Lago is the standard bearer of Othello and the main villain of the play. He is married to Emilia who is unquestionably distrustful towards him. Lago admits lusting after Desdemonna and justifies his actions that Othello may have slept with his wife, and so he just wants to get even. Later in the play Lago murders his wife which could be due to his strong hatred for women. He is an extremely cunning individual and makes various characters in the play believe that he has their best interest at heart. He enjoys watching the downfall of people, so his main aim is to destroy those who trust him. Lago resents Othello because of...
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...Roderigo, which serve as Lago’s showcase of unscrupulous abilities. He appears as though he is winking at the audience when portrays his own skills. Audiences find themselves constantly on Lago’s side whenever he is with Roderigo, but the associations between Roderigo and Lago also depict a streak of fearfulness in Lago – a fearfulness that manifests itself in the final scene, as Lago murders his own wife (V.ii.231–242). The act of murder could have emanated from Lago’s overall abhorrence of women that he depicts. Some authors have posited that Lago’s true and fundamental motive for maltreating Othello is his homosexual desires for the general (Greenberg 179). Desdemona Desdemona is a more reasonable,...
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...relationship with Desdemona is brought to fame after the meeting of the two search parties, each looking for Othello for different reasons. The Cassio party with the senate that quickly summons Othello shows his great ability importance as a commander and emphasizes his significance in Venice military. Brabantio and his troop serve to expose the Othello’s secretive character, hither-to unknown. Brabantio is in irritable mood when the two parties meet, but the Othello’s calm words prevent clash from occurring between the two parties (Crawford, 2009). Moreover, the Duke ordered Othello to appear before him and at the same time Brabatio’s...
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...faithfulness and love. This deed turns Emilia from a victim into a hero. It is interesting, that Shakespeare “kills” Iago in such an ironical way. Deceitful, manipulative Iago knows everybody`s weaknesses and flaws and spins nets craftily with lies. The only person whom he underestimates is his own wife who evolves morally to the degree when she is not capable to stomach her husband`s misdeeds anymore. Thus, it is possible to conclude that female characters in Othello do not share common role, however they turn to be dynamic personages who change in the course of play gaining more virtues. Desdemona with her purity and loyalty inspires Emilia who had almost lost faith in truth. Unfortunately, both...
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