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The Iliad - Assignment Example

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The Homerian concept of patriarchy works on different levels and can first be understood as a system of identification, whereby the importance of lineage is underscored but which often also takes the form of a reminder of what is expected of the person thus addressed…
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The Iliad
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"The Iliad"

Download file to see previous pages On a different level, patriarchy represents different configurations of male interaction, within a society that is male-centered and based on power relationships. It may relate to father-son but it may also be an ‘older-younger man’ connection. Homer clearly sees the rule of the father as a desirable situation, but this dominance is not always benign, as evidenced even among the Gods in the relationship between Zeus and Hephaestus (I. 571 pp). Within the Iliad, all men are subject to the laws patriarchy, with the kings enjoying father-son relationships with Gods. Thus ‘Zeus is hard: who before this time promised me and consented…’ that Agamemnon might sack Ilion. Now he is punished ‘in dishonor having lost so many people’ (IX. 19pp). Like a father, Zeus offers or withholds approval. Here we have the example of the stern, exacting father but when Priam morns Hector, whose body is dragged around the grave of Patroklos every day by Achilles, Zeus mediates between Hera and Apollo to bring help to Priam (XXIV, 64pp). So, kings may be sons of the Gods but there are also times when they may need to bow to humans in supplication, as Priam does, when he clutches the knees of Achilles in great distress, like a son might do (XXIV, 476 pp). And this is not the only time, when Achilles acts like a father. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Iliad
...?The Iliad is traditionally regarded as a heroic epic, and as such, it is worth examining what its concept of heroism is. The characters of Achilles,Hector, Agamemnon, Priam, and the rest are not presented as perfect, but they are presented as exemplars, as heroic figures whose deeds are worthy of being retold. What makes them exemplars is an interesting question, and one that leads us to the curious values of classical Greece. Central to the motivations of every character is the concept of honor, but somewhat confusingly, honor comes in many different forms. One of the most common concepts of honor is time, or the worldly honor gained in battle. In many scenes, the warriors or the narrator declare that this is what they...
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Heroes in the Iliad
... Heroes of the Iliad Greek mythology gave birth to the idea of the tragic hero. Aristotle’s idea regarding this type of character generally shapes him as an individual who has the potential for supreme greatness, but is destined to fail because of a certain tragic flaw that exists in his character. Although the definition remains a little fuzzy, it generally also applies to individuals who have been able to win a sort of moral victory, ensuring his/her memory is retained in the community mind. Aristotelian thought indicates “the tragic effect will be stronger if the hero is ‘better than we are’, in that he is of higher than ordinary moral worth. Such a man is shown as suffering a change in fortune from happiness to misery because... of a...
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The Iliad
... Task: The Iliad Introduction The Iliad is a book containing a story, divided into sub s, each known as a book. The story handles a few occurrences after the Trojan War. It mainly centralizes on the disagreement and quarrels between the warrior, Achilles and King Agamemnon. This paper will handle some of the reconciliatory hindrances, as well as, the factors that make reconciliation between the two sides possible. What prevents the two sides from reconciling? Agamemnon’s arrogance and pride prevents him from reconciling with Chryses. Achaeans attack Trojan-allied town and manage to capture two beautiful women, Briseis and Chryseis. Agamemnon, Achaean’s army commander in chief takes with him Chriseys, the daughter of Chryses who... 560-570)....
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The Iliad
...? The Iliad is an ancient story that analyzes the actions and motivations of many relatable characters. These characters are driven by their own strengths and weaknesses. In this story I see how the human psyche has remained constant throughout time. Ego, greed, loyalty, and the greater good is a constant theme that the characters possess. The actions driven by these human conditions have reaching affects on the entire world of The Iliad. Agamemnon leads the Achaians in the war against the Trojans. His actions affect the war throughout The Iliad. His weaknesses become obvious, to me, within the first few pages of the story. He shows a selfish arrogance when he refuses to accept a bribe to...
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The Iliad by Homer
...Iliad: There are some traits that help an individual to get through in life easily. These traits include intelligence, wealth or physical strength. In the time, when the events of the Iliad unfold, physical strength and wealth seem to go a long way in helping individuals get what they want. For instance, the army of Agamemnon king of men (in reference to his military prowess) has commanders who themselves are kings (king Diomedes of Argos) and princes (Nester). Even king Priam holds Agamemnon in awe. However, there is an emphasis on beauty whose benefits that seem to hide behind the action packed folds of this poem. Beauty or lack of it is a source of conflict in the Iliad. The conflict...
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Homer, The Iliad
...Achilles’ Rage Achilles, as painted in the ancient Greek legend, is considered as one of the greatest epic hero because of his actions in the Trojan War, especially as depicted in Iliad by Homer. However, while one could be seduced by Achilles’ might, power, and invincibility, it is important not to confuse heroism for uncontrolled power (Homer & De Jong 16). While it is true that he is a masterful and powerful warrior, he does not succeed, as a hero to be idolized or imitated because he does not have restraint, a code of conduct, honorable behavior, and piety. While he has fortitude and courage, he lacks in other ingredients of a great hero like magnanimity, sense of justice, prudence, or temperance. This lack of...
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The Iliad
...The Iliad The Iliad, the celebrated epic by Homer narrating the story concerning several gods, heroes and heroic exploits, mainly deals with the battles between King Agamemnon and the warrior Achilles and the related events. Although the heroes in the classic work by Homer assume great significance in the overall development of the plot, a detailed analysis of the epic indicates that these heroes have only limited roles in the making of pertinent decisions. In other words, the decisions made by the heroes in the Iliad are mainly influenced by other external factors such as power struggles. In a reflective exploration of Agamemnon’s decision to take Briseis from Achilles, it becomes palpable that the crucial decisions in the Iliad... are not...
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...s The Iliad Achilles is a central character in Homer’s most celebrated epic titled “The Iliad”. Described as a fierce Greek warrior, Achilles has been exalted to the status of a hero for leading the Greek army to a decisive victory in the Trojan War. Homeric characterization of Achilles may seem static, in other words showing little or no change at all. Achilles is often portrayed as a haughty youth, he is only a teenager when the war had been declared and he fought in it for nearly a decade until his death. Therefore, being a child at the beginning and an adult by the end of it is enough evidence that Achilles’ character does undergo some very significant yet very subtle changes that adds substance to...
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The Iliad
...Section/# Hubris: An Old Term for Even Older Human Emotional Responses As with nearly every tragic hero, Achilles represented a character that was full of contradiction and exhibited more than one fatal flaw that would ultimately be his undoing. As this essay will analyze and discuss the two tragic flaws that this author believes contributed to the most to Achilles’ downfall were his ego and/or arrogance and his wrath. However, more than merely representing a tragic flaw that would ultimately lead to his demise, these two characteristics of Achilles can also be traced to a link between rage/anger, hubris, and the destruction that the gods of The Iliad ultimately meted out on the characters that are exhibited therein. ...
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The Iliad
...The Iliad Achilles vs. Hector Despite both of them being the heroic figures of their respective sides-Greek and Trojan armies,Achilles and hector have several differences. It is easy for the pride and glory that both of them possess to hide the differences but keen look into their character. In the Iliad, many characters display heroism yet when it comes down to scrutiny of their characters, their human sides, strengths and weakness set the criteria for distinguishing between two or more heroic character. The same applies for Achilles and hector. From the proceedings of the story, hector is portrayed as the most sympathetic character. The fact that he has a family and fights against the odds impacts the feeling of sympathy... army to...
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