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Darwinism - Essay Example

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Explain how Social Darwinism had an impact in the Age of Imperialism. Social Darwinism is an instance of abuse of Darwinism. The Theory of Evolution through Natural Selection – a seminal work of 19th century British explorer Charles Darwin – is the basis for the later construction called Social Darwinism…
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Download file to see previous pages... When European imperialism of the bygone age is revisited, one can see leading intellectuals of the time indulging in Social Darwinist interpretations of the empire. They explained that the European/Caucasian races are a better breed of humans compared to the colored populations, and thereby possessed the right to civilize the latter by means of imperialist enterprise. In what is a self-fulfilling circular argument, they pointed to the success of European powers to conquer and rule other parts of the world as a proof for the Social Darwinist theory. The White/Caucasian people, by virtue of being the 'fittest' among the races, were best adapted to spread their seeds. And the imperialist project gave avenue for this genetic dispersal. Needless to say, Darwin would have been deeply disconcerted upon hearing such imaginative constructions of this path-breaking work. And as the most telling rebuke to such vainglory, the eugenics project of the Third Reich, which projected the ultimate victory of the Aryan race over all others, would serve to disprove Social Darwinist underpinnings of Imperialism through its colossal failure. Work Cited: Spielvogel, Jackson, Western Civilization, Volume II. Published in 2009 by The Pennsylvania State University, ISBN-10: 0495502855. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Redefinition of female gender roles in the 19th century and the use of Darwinism toward Political objectives
Religious beliefs, scientific and social theories and newly arrived inventions play most formidable role in bringing about changes within a social establishment. The same is applied with the socio-cultural alterations influencing the British society during the second half of 19th century, by introducing tremendous reformations in the lifestyle of women folk, and bestowing the message of hope, freedom and respect upon them in the wake of cultural changes, and established new roles for this social stratum eventually.
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Social Darwinism
The impact of this term on social science and political ideology has been argued to be essential to assess the use of such terms in discourse and the history of ideas that they may represent. Hence, it is important that we first look at what meaning was given to Social Darwinism by different theorists and how it became a significant theory in history in order to delve into a deeper analysis of it.
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Creationism vs Darwinism Essay
God played little part in this evolutionary method of the creation species but rather it was a result of “a blind, mechanical process that altered them over the course of millions of years” according to Darwin (Marty, 2009). As opposed to this theory, which later came to be known as Darwinism, was the existing fundamental Christian belief that God has created all the species, each having its own distinctive features (Numbers, 1982).
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Analyse the Relationship between Darwinism and Racism
Darwinism encourages a ruthless system filled with self-interests and intolerance to treatment of other individuals (Dickens 2000, p. 54). Sometimes, Darwinism incorporates the beliefs of socialists who believe that individuals can rise through the natural law of selection and create their own utopian society.
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Darwinism versus Creationism
Darwinism asserts that natural selection process will determine the survival ability of each species. Creationism asserts that a supernatural creator (GOD) created the universe and all organisms in the world. Unlike, creationism, Darwinism asserts that all species have a common ancestor and new species emerge from multiplication process and gradual change and adaption to the environment.
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Social Darwinism
Generally, Darwin promoted a focus on individual differences and proved that exploring behavior is as important as exploring the mind. Nevertheless, the influence of Darwin was not completely favorable. He took into consideration several assumptions currently regarded very problematic or flawed, like the following (Hergenhahn, 2008, 301): Contemporary primitive people are the link between primates and modern humans (that is Europeans) and are therefore, inferior.
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Social Darwinism and Business Ethics
In modern times, democratic values have necessitated a study of business ethics. Businessmen in the modern age are identified with words like 'profit-mongers', 'sharks-in-the-suit' etc. Unfortunately critics call the term 'business ethics' an oxymoron (Nick Arrizza M.D).
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Creationism and Darwinism
In most cases this led to contrasting and conflicting ideas. To distinct ideals coming quite often into combat with one another is the now raging battle between creationism and Darwinism. To different trains of thought, Creationism and Darwinism differ drastically, challenging the other' beliefs to the core.
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Art and the Emergence of Darwinism
Hence, it can be said that these ideas gave rise to the belief of European superiority over other racial groups, despite the fact that in the nineteenth century, most of Europe was deeply religious. Darwinism emerged as a powerful force in the determination of the
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Darwin and Social Darwinism
en the possibility of further examining the origin of life forms on Earth, several factions of society were already involved in the quest to solve the enigma. In the given circumstances the phase of Enlightenment prompted the emergence of a distinct concept which is that of the
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