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Answer brief questions about hinduism - Essay Example

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22 March 2011. 1. What do you think of the concept of Brahma? Brahma is the supreme and the first God of Hindus (Handa). Hindus believe that they would ultimately merge into Brahma after they have lived through all the rebirths they have been provided by him…
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Answer brief questions about hinduism
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22 March What do you think of the concept of Brahma? Brahma is the supreme and the first God of Hindus (Handa). Hindus believe that they would ultimately merge into Brahma after they have lived through all the rebirths they have been provided by him. 2. If you believe that life is less important than what comes next, how would this affect your day to day living? A vast majority of people in this world believe in the doom’s day and that there is a world that will come after this world. Almost all religions preach that this world is mortal, and that there is a world of eternity that will follow this world. However, despite this, people spend the daily life in a normal way, and this belief makes little to no difference in their day to day living. However, the extent to which an individual gains influence of this belief depends upon his/her religiosity. A highly religious person is too concerned about the world hereafter and thus, lives in this world as a passenger. He/she really considers the other world more important than this world. On the other hand, there are people who run after money and power in this world and commit sins despite their knowledge of and belief in the world hereafter. To them, this world is more important than the other one. Thus, it varies from individual to individual, though a vast majority of people value this world more than the other one. 3. Shiva is an interesting character in Hinduism. What does it mean? Hindus hold the belief that all motion that takes place in the universe starts from God and terminates in Him. Since the start of time, the universe has remained engaged in a continuous whirl of activity and change. Sun rises and sets. Moon undergoes a continuous cycle of appearing and disappearing. Likewise, atom that every matter is made up of keeps swirling. This is what Hindus refer to as the dance of Shiva. Hindus believe that humans dance with the God Shiva and that He dances with them. Humans dance with Shiva as they attempt to fight the natural movement of universe and its various components. 4. Hindus believe in cremation. Why? Hindus think of the soul as eternal. According to them, it is immortal. They believe that every soul gains several rebirths till the time, it finally merges into their supreme God named Brahma. Hindus believe that the human actions and morality in a particular life dictates what he would regain the birth as after the death. It is the huge emphasis that Hindus put into the soul or Atma that they cremate the bodies of their dead. They think that soul breaks all connections with the physical self of an individual, after the death. So there is no point keeping the physical bodies as such. Their best way of decomposition is cremation. Besides, Agni, the holy fire, is believed to purify the soul and ease the process of its liberation from the body of the dead. Works Cited: Handa, Sushil. “Who is Brahma.” 2011. Web. 22 Mar. 2011. . Read More
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“Answer Brief Questions about Hinduism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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