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Write your own recommendation. What makes you different from other applicants - Essay Example

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In the United States there are over 153 million people that are part of the workforce (Dol). Due to the competition in job market having unique qualities can differentiate a person from the rest. …
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Write your own recommendation. What makes you different from other applicants
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"Write your own recommendation. What makes you different from other applicants"

Download file to see previous pages Good communication skills are an indispensable asset (Buzzle). I possessed great verbal and written communication skills. Throughout my high school tenured I have excel in exercises or problems in which I had to demonstrate verbal skills. I have always been very good at oral presentations. I love to write and my technical writing skills are excellent. College prepares a person for the ultimate goal of becoming a part of the workforce. A trend that has influenced the behavior of people in the workforce is a shift from individualism to teamwork. “The concept of teamwork is very important to the success of any team” (Brianmac). I am a team player. My team skills will enable me to succeed in college. I am an outgoing person and I listen well to people. I like helping people and cooperating in order to get the job done. During my future college career I plan to use these skills to help out my fellow classmates in any way I can. Another attribute or skill that I possess that makes me an excellent candidate is my leadership skills. When I have worked in team projects I typically served the role of team leader. I am a hard worker and a dedicated student. Work Cited Page 12 December 2010. “Understanding the Importance of Teamwork.” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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