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Evaluation of Batman Begins The superhero films give ample importance to protagonists who are with superhuman power. Within this scenario, the film Batman Begins, directed by Christopher Nolan, released in the year 2005, gives ample importance to the superhero, Batman…
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Evaluation of Batman Begins
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Evaluation of Batman Begins The superhero films give ample importance to protagonists who are with superhuman power. Within this scenario, the filmBatman Begins, directed by Christopher Nolan, released in the year 2005, gives ample importance to the superhero, Batman. Unlike other superheroes, Batman possesses less superhuman powers. His admiration and dedication towards the Gotham City helps him to overcome all the troubles. Thesis statement: The evaluation of the story line, light effects and sound effects of the film Batman Begins prove that the film is entirely different from other superhero films (special references to the film Batman Begins). Plot summary The plot revolves around Bruce Wayne’s past (childhood and life in exile), his return to Gotham City to achieve his aim. He joins Carmine Falcone’s group and gets trained at the League of Shadows. When he came to realize that the evil forces are trying to destroy Gotham City, he decides to save the same. With the help of Lucius Fox, Bruce Wayne transforms himself to Batman, a superhero. The following events include Batman’s fight with evil forces like Dr. Jonathan Crane, Ducard, and his ultimate victory. Three criteria and its importance to evaluate the movie Three criteria used to evaluate the movie Batman Begins are: Story Line, Light effects and Sound effects. This standard to evaluate the movie is important because it helps to have deeper understanding of the same, beyond a typical superhero film. Julian Darius describes the sound effects of the movie Batman Begins as “echo that of horror movies” (82). In the movie Batman Begins, the director gave ample importance to the Storyline (human beings with superhuman powers, fight between good and evil and the ultimate victory of good over evil), Light Effects (to portray a virtual real environment) and Sound Effects (to portray a superhuman world). Criterion 1: Story Line The story line of the movie Batman Begins can be divided into three distinct parts: present, close flashbacks and distant flashbacks. The director made use of blue color to represent the present condition of the protagonist, i.e. Bruce Wayne (Batman). This technique is helpful for the viewer to have easier understanding of the change in the protagonist’s life. The red color made use by the director, which represents close flashbacks in the life of the protagonist’s life, is able to equip the viewer to have deeper understanding of the protagonist’s immediate past. The green color represents the childhood of the protagonist, which is symbolic of traumatic memories. Rob Tobin describes the story line of the film as “a strong subjective storyline” (83). In short, the unique technique of dividing the story line into three parts separates the movie from other superhero movies. Criterion 2: Light effects The light effects made use by the director in the film, i.e. the usage of bright light and shadow is most important. For instance, the light effects provide ample importance to the protagonist who is ready to unleash his limited superhuman power in the dark. One can easily identify that the intelligent usage of light and shadow provides ample importance to the virtual real environment of the imaginary city of Gotham. Besides, the lighting effects made use in the film boosts the costumed persona of the protagonist, apart from other characters. Criterion 3: Sound effects The sound effects in the movie Batman Begins, back up the special effects, light effects and the techniques used in cinematography. Besides, the sound effect in the film is able to construct the background for the superhuman world and the imaginary city of Gotham. Roger Ebert makes clear that the special effect of the movie Batman Begins is “reinforced by a superb sound effects design” (41).The sound effect in movie, for instance, scenes like childhood memories of Bruce Wayne, Prison Camp scene in the opening, and fight scenes are significant. The most significant sound effect is the sound of bats which is related to the mental trauma faced by the protagonist in his childhood. Alan Farrell points out that the protagonist Bruce Wayne was “traumatized by a bat-experience” (30). In short, the sound effects in the movie act the role of the background to the superhuman cum imaginary world. Summing, the movie Batman Begins is entirely different from other superhero films because the film less depends upon the superhuman powers of the protagonist. Besides, one cannot identify any superhuman power in the protagonist’s character. The mental trauma faced by the protagonist, due to the attack from bats forced him to choose a double life (as Bruce Wayne and Batman). In short, the storyline, light effects and sound effects helped the protagonist to be far ahead of other superheroes. References Darius, Julian. Batman Begins and the Comics. N.p.:, 2005. Print. Ebert, Roger. Roger Ebert's Movie Yearbook 2009. Missouri: Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2008. Print. Farrell, Alan. High Cheekbones, Pouty Lips, Tight Jeans. N.p.:, 2007. Print. Tobin, Rob. The Screenwriting Formula: Why It Works and How to Use It. Ohio: Writer's Digest Books, 2007. Print. Read More
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