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The short story written by Bret Harte focused on a man, given a name by townsfolk at Sandy Barn as Tennessee’s Partner, apart from Tennessee, whose real name was also forgotten in oblivion…
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Tennessees Partner
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Download file to see previous pages The characters, Tennessee’s Partner and Tennessee were known to be notorious at Sandy Barn, being termed as gamblers and thieves. The vagrant criminal activities of Tennessee involving accosting strangers and stealing weapons and money had finally cost his apprehension and trial. Tennessee’s Partner, as a token of their friendship, tried to bribe the court in exchange for his friend’s freedom. However, despite Tennessee’s Partner’s heroic stance to save his friend, the eventually conviction to death was not prevented. His loyalty to Tennessee was viewed by the townsfolk as exemplary and “cleared him of any complicity in Tennessee's guilt, and left only a suspicion of his general sanity” (Harte, 1899, last par.). The last discourse attested to Tennessee’s partner’s unstable mental condition believing to see his partner again. The short story, in its vividly written content, manifested the loyalty and fidelity accorded in friendship despite challenges and unconventional endeavors. Harte has revealed the aesthetic value of standing for one’s friend, especially in times of trials and until the end. Despite the notoriety in character, that being perceived and typecast as criminals, there remains a touch of tenderness and love, a product of a bond of friendship woven through time. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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