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Software Usability - Essay Example

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Software Usability The website is a simple designed user friendly website. The outlay of this website is simple and provides a number of ways to reach specific targets. This website is specifically better in the structure as it provides more than single way to reach desired or needed information…
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Software Usability
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Download file to see previous pages This website provides extensive information on usability, creation of better website and improvement of the performance of websites. The most useful feature of this website is the easy language, reliability of information and easier to use outlay. The content of the website can easily be understood by a beginner level website developer as well as a professional. The information is provided in a systematic way which helps the reader in understanding the web content more effectively. The website provides a number of useful links like the link to the official website of U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. It also provides links to facebook, hotmail, google, twitter and other websites to share this website with contacts and other people. Most of these websites are frequently used by people and sharing about this website may help others greatly. It provides a wonderful feature of increasing or decreasing the font size of the content of the webpage. This flexibility of the web content is helpful as some websites provide such small fonts which readers find difficult to read and as a result abandon using the website. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Software Usability

...will concentrate on the usability quality component of efficiency whereas memorability will be given more priority if the software is used infrequently. Furthermore to facilitate judgments to assess usability some commonly used evaluation methods are used, by usability experts, in software design today. These methods are also responsible for providing guidance on how to resolve various usability disputes. The first of these measures is Card sorting, this is a useful tool which helps to determine how information that appears on a website is categorized by users. Another measure is the use of Charrettes, this is a generative exercise which...
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The Logic behind creating Software Prototypes from a usability point of view, and how they support Human centered Design

...? The Logic behind creating Software Prototypes from a usability point of view, and how they support Human centered Design I. Abstract and Introduction A. Aims and objectives of the paper Just like the topic states, this paper is aimed at explaining, clarifying, and exploring the essence of creating software prototypes from a usability point of view, and how they support human centered design. At breadth, the objectives are to present an accurate and credible argument for the creation of software prototypes by referring to relevant and up to date literature. II. Background A. Mention why prototyping has become necessary The movie Psycho is a perfect...
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Usability in Website and Software Design

...Usability in Website and Software Design Website: http Foraker Designs; Foraker Design was foundedin 1999 by Stirling Olson a graduate from the Duke University School of Engineering in 1993. Throughout the 90's, Stirling saw the need for a web development firm that was focused on user-centered design and value to its customers. Brief Synopsis: This web site provides relevant information about Usability; it's actual relevance, discusses various methods of achieving high usability level, usability evaluation methods and the benefits of planning usability in the design of websites among other...
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Usability study of software lifecycle

... of an a screen interface. Step I highlights how the user’s importance, experience, knowledge (in tasks and job) and psychological characters should be factored into the design theme to create an effective GUI screen design. Similarly step II and III focuses more on the challenges of developing models based on effectiveness and usability to the user with Human, hardware and software considerations noted in the formulation of a ‘principle of good screen design’, while step IV deals with windows selection and operations. Various aspects such as the characteristics, presentation, types and functionality of the windows is detailed. Steps V-VII takes a critical look at developing system menus, it lists guidelines and characteristics... ’. Also...
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Software Usability (HW)

...A User-Friendly Purpose Introduction No matter how aesthetically-designed a website is, if it only leads a user into the last information he/she needs; or if loading up eats too much of his/her time – hence the site is unusable, it may just be flooding the whole network pointlessly. Usability is not just one key factor to a marketable site. It is perhaps the most important aspect to look at in creating one. Usability refers to how fast and easy a user (with no prior knowledge about the site) can employ a user interface to achieve a certain task (Nielsen, n.d.). A usable website should get users to the information they want or do the task they need to do minus the hassles. Good...
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Productivity Software Usability

...Productivity Software Usability _______________________________________ _______________________________________ Registration No: _______________________________________ Submitted to: _______________________________________ Date of Submission: _______________________________________ Productivity software has gained such popularity that it is almost impossible for businesses and individuals to accomplish their day to day documental tasks without having them. From writing simple letters to observing and creating cumbersome financial statements, productivity software can do such hectic works with great ease and convenience. There was a time when people did not have the facility of computer. Only those living in that time may know... ) and...
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Software Usability SLP

...Analyzing The referred website is maintained by the US government in collaboration with several agencies (The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services is the major contributor) as an information source for web based activities such as web hosting, web designing, online communication etc. It provides guidance and tools specially targeting the people who involve in web developing activities including web managers, designers and usability specialists. The website has eight (8) main sections (including homepage and “about us”) directing audience to different web usability information such as basics, templates, guidelines etc. The homepage provides a brief description...
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Software Usability

...Software Usability Submitted to, Submitted By, of the Submitted on, [October 31st, Case Expectations: Whatdo you believe are the appropriate criteria for assessing usability?  Who should make such judgments?  How should disagreements about usability be resolved?  Usability is the key of matters in the current times. The literal meaning of the term usability cannot mere relate to the vast meanings of it in which usability can be addressed. Usability is often used interchangeably with a number of terminologies as stated in the following statements that have been taken from the User Experience White Paper...
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Software Usability

...Module 4 SLP Website Review: Usability is a United s government’s website, which is under the management of the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The purpose of Usability is to address the need for government websites to improve the quality of user experience by enhancing their usability using user-centered web design. Modern web sites need to be more interactive, user-oriented, usable, and adaptive to the needs of the target market. The purpose of this paper is to review the content, structure, and usefulness of Usability; and offer a personal value assessment of the site. Summary Description of Structure and Purpose of...
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...Software Usability al Affiliation(s Software Usability Usability measures the quality of the interface in terms of satisfaction, effectiveness and efficiency with which, the users of the software can perform different tasks with the help of a tool. Evaluation of usability of software is an important part of the system development process. There is variety of methods and factors that help in the process. Historically, software usability has its basis on three factors namely; semantics, features, and operations. Semantics defines the ease of use. Features include the...
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