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How does the media influence young people in today's society - Essay Example

How do the media affect young people in today’s society? Without question media certainly affect young people in today’s society as indicated by theavailability of various studies that are greatly concerned on how they affect young lives. Unfortunately, most of the literatures regarding on this concern are found to illustrate the bad impacts of media on young people’s development. Most of these concerns are focused on studying the impacts of media on young people’s behaviors. For instance, pornographic materials are everywhere to be found especially if there is a presence of electronic media such as computers that are powered by fast-speed broadband connection. In this way, it is just a simple click away to navigate commercial pornographic movies and other related materials that are found to have substantial negative impacts on young people’s lives. Without question, majority of websites nowadays are trying to entice young people with messages and various activities that feed their fantasies as part of their crucial development into adulthood stage. Sad to say, there are various studies conducted regarding on this and most of them try to emphasize the association of young people’s behaviors and their social activities concerning for instance on their consumption of alcohol, tobacco, drugs and sexual affairs. The presence of any violence depicted in the media is also known to be associated with the world’s aggressive culture of young people today. To prove this one, a study conducted among

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children in Malaysia suggests that the heinous nature of media depicting violence can substantially affect behaviors of young children at some point of their lives (Lan, Abdullah and Roslan 522). On the other hand, so much exposure of young people to media is known to affect the way they live. It definitely changes their way of life. Considering that there are reported negative impacts of media on young people’s lives, it can be said that there is a need to understand more on the depth of their behavioral effects. This can be clearly illustrated by how young people enjoy themselves with an easy access to media. They can create any activities in any electronic media and at the same time they are bombarded with messages and any other related activities that try to steal their time, creativity and their important development as human. What they constantly observed are different messages that try to showcase the very nature of their desires as young people. Media usually try to create need by opening the minds of young people on certain things or concepts. This illustrates the fact that media can be used by marketers to influence behaviors of young people by using sophisticated tools that are covering everything such as integrated marketing communications (Boone and Kurtz 483). In the case of beauty products for instance, media have different approach in order to entice young people to use offerings of their great concern. Some of the media have emphasized appealing messages about an offering that purely caters the real nature of young people. Media therefore is always aiming to influence the minds of young people and such process is tantamount to changing their behaviors in the long run that either may result in a positive or negative way. References Boone, Louis, and D. L. Kurtz. Contemporary Marketing. 12th ed. South Western: Thomson, 2006. Lan, Kung Luo., M. C. Abdullah, and S. Roslan. “Understanding Media Violence and the Development of Aggressive Behaviour of School Children.” Procedia –Social and Behavioral Sciences 7 (2010): 522-527.
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How do the media affect young people?
Sad to say, there are various studies conducted regarding on this and most of them try to emphasize the association of young people’s behaviors and their social activities concerning for instance on their consumption of alcohol, tobacco, drugs and sexual affairs. …
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How does the media influence young people in todays society
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