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Name Subject Date Mansfield’s distinction between classes Introduction The issues of racial differences and social domination have always been of crucial importance for different writers. Katherine Mansfield wanted to introduce her unique, feminine vision about racial conflict…
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Download file to see previous pages Unfortunately this artificially created wall appeared in the result of perverted ideals of the 20th century, when women were subjected to men and lower classes were oppressed by upper classes. The wall can be eliminated only in case of a great desire and common efforts directed on its abolishment. Racial differences “The Garden Party” is focused on class differences and racial concerns very much. Mansfield uses a broad metaphor, and readers can see the way a world of pianos, uniformed bands and luxury turns into a little space for lower class. When we read an episode about Laura’s walk to a husband of a dad man, we can see that this young woman has strange ideas…She thinks about her appearance and weather, but a tragic event of funeral is not too emotional for her. Laura’s are also showed as hypocrites. Laura’s father expresses his regrets concerning death of a man and her mother tries to look sympathetic too (Burgan 21). An outer impression is much important for them than their inner feelings. Thus, Mansfield emphasized the significance of patriarchate that prescribes that a woman should subject to a man. A mother should always depend on her husband. Laura’s brother uses this template of behavior as well and there are different episodes, when men asking women to take care of their appearance. These are the principles of the upper class representatives. People of that class have nothing to do but create their artificial values and principles of behavior. Men play the role of money earners and women should take care about the house, get everything in order and beautiful (Burgan 24). The narrator talks about lower class from a negative perspective, while Laura remains patient and sympathetic. Her ideals are not perverted and she shows a positive attitude to people from the lower class. Laura wonders: why is it impossible to “have workmen for her friends” (Mansfield 2425). Her mother claims that “People like that don’t expect sacrifices from us” though Laura does not agree with such a statement (Mansfield 2430). Poor people are treated negatively by her mother for sure and little houses, where poor people live spoil architectural ensemble of their neighborhood and thus they do not have a right to survive, as her mother thinks (Mansfield 2429). A vivid symbolism of the story reflects a variety of attitudes concerning class and racial issues. It is not Laura who criticized lower class, but the author (Daly 34). That is her benefit and a great advantage. It means that this girl managed to preserve her individuality in a cruel world of upper class. Moreover, a writer intentionally moves readers from light to darkness thus showing a parallel nature of two worlds. Cottages of poor people are in a “deep shade” (Mansfield 2431). There are many barriers and poor people cannot cross them. Class distinction can be found when the author describes representatives of lower and upper classes by comparing them with animals. For example, a uniformed band looks like “frogs” (Mansfield 2430), a cook “clucked…like an agitated hen” (Mansfield 2428) and the widow deserves nothing more than a selfless comparison with a “poor creature” (Mansfield 2431). There is an interesting comparison even in relation to the difference of smoke coming from poor and rich houses. Thus, Laura’s chimney releases “great silvery plumes” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Literature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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