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Instructor Date Slavery Status Social and economic differences between the South and North, Federal versus state rights, the fight with the difference of opinion between Slave and Non-Slave state supporters, day by day growing abolition movement and finally the election of Abraham Lincoln are the key factors that leads to the emerging conflicts between South and North which precede to South’s secession from the Union…
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Slavery should be banned in new territories is proposed by David Wilmot in 1846. Balance between the southern and northern interests along with the slave and Free states were compromised in 1850 by Henry Clay. The acts that magnify the issues were the fugitive slave act and Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854). Two territories were created to decide whether a particular piece of land is to be set free or kept under slavery. Forced slavery in Kansas caused by the Missourians was the issue that was later termed as “Border Ruffians” and this is the same issue that leads to the Lawrence Kansas’s violence – “Bleeding Kansas”. Dred Scott versus Sanford case was finalized by the Supreme Court of US in March 1857 that was the conflicting point to precede the American Civil War in 1861 that last till 1865. Dred Scott brought the case before the US Supreme Court. Before returning to the Missouri – the slave state, Dred Scott being the slave lived in a free state with his owner. Emancipation was the entitlement made for Dred Scott by Sanford. The staunch supporter of slavery, Roger B. Taney was the Chief Justice that disagreed in his decision by saying that black either free or slave have no right to enter any petition in the court for their freedom and additionally they are not eligible to claim U.S citizenship. This decision just boasted up the tension between North and South that uprooted war in a time period of just three years. At this point Southerner supported the Supreme Court decision regarding Dred Scott Case because of the following facts: Despite the fact that slavery was considered as a blot on the US character as a nation, Chief Justice hold a brutal decision by taking Southerners’ side, overrunning the Kansas-Nebraska Act was proposed by expected President Buchanan to the Chief Justice, Taney himself was not of the view to consider slaves as the citizens of the nation, to end the Congress battle both Buchanan and Taney wanted to replace the political decision from the legal one, Taney believed that without the interference of the government the individual state should be eligible to decide the free or slave status and finally its slavery on which South was economically dependent. In the entire scenario its North that feared the future decision of the Court to declare all states as the slave states and this fear is there in both slave and Republicans of the North. Stephen Douglas, the most dominating leader of the time realized that Democrats of the North felt squeezed and thus he took the initiative to argue the status of the slave states. Southerners pro-slavery Democrats on the other side of the court were really happy and feeling independent with the decision of the court that openly declare no limits on master slave relationship. Lincoln-Douglas debate clarifies the right and wrong among the slavery laws of the nation. Lincoln repeatedly said that difference of opinion is one thing but the difference between good and right can never be comprised on. He added that North Republicans consider slavery as wrong practice but it is not simply wrong. Indeed it is political, social and moral wrong. Lincoln strongly condemn the legal practices made so far to magnify the differences and ensured promising legal structure for the eradication of racial and social Read More
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History2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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