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Managerial accounting - Essay Example

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Managerial accounting Introduction Managerial accounting is a branch of accounting that provides managers with accounting information for informed ‘decision-making’. This paper, as an individual assignment, responds to management accounting questions. Question 1: Optic Vision Pty Ltd Manufacturing overhead for application to jobs to 30 November Manufacturing overhead till November= (number of months/12)*Total manufacturing overhead = (11/12)*2400000 = 2200000 Optic Vision would have applied a manufacturing overhead of $ 2200000 to jobs until 30 November…
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Managerial accounting
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Managerial accounting

Download file to see previous pages... Utilization of manufacturing overhead: over application or under application Under application or over application of manufacturing overhead is given by the difference between expected costs and actual costs. Expected overhead cost for December= $ 200000 Actual costs= number of machine hours *rate per machine hours =6000*30 =180000 Therefore Under application of manufacturing overhead = expected coast- actual cost =200000-180000 =20000 Under application of manufacturing overhead cost during December is $ 20000. Balance in finished goods inventory account on 31 December Finished goods inventory consist of the N11- 013 goods. The cost of finished inventory is therefore the total cost for N11-013. Total cost = direct materials+ direct labor+ overheads =8000+ 24000+ (1000*30) =32000+30000 = 62000 Therefore, closing finished goods inventory is equivalent to $ 62000. ...
th ended 30 November Physical units materials conversion total Beginning WIP 1600 - 800 Units started and completed 34000 34000 34000 Ending WIP 2000 2000 1000 Equivalent units 37600 36000 35800 Manufacturing costs 265680 172320 438000 Cost per equivalent units 7.38 4.8134 12.1934 Assigned costs Completed and transferred 250920 163655. 6 414575.6 Ending work in progress 7380 2406.7 9786.7 Where the value of equivalent units is obtained from the formula Equivalent units = beginning WIP+ units started completed + ending WIP Cost of ending work in progress = unit cost*(*2000*50%) (Heisinger, p. 163) Question 3: Carvings for Cakes Pty Ltd Excel spreadsheet for calculating cost per unit of activity driver activity cost quantity cost per unit activity prepare annual accounts 5000 #DIV/0! process receivables 15000 5000 3 process payables 25000 25000 1 program production 28000 1000 28 process sales order 40000 4000 10 dispatch sales order 30000 2500 12 develop and test products 60000 #DIV/0! load mixers 14050 1000 14.05 operate mixers 45900 200000 0.2295 clean mixers 6900 1000 6.9 move mixers to filling 3450 200000 0.01725 clean trays 20000 16000 1.25 fill trays 16000 800000 0.02 move to baking 8000 16000 0.5 set up ovens 50000 1000 50 bake cakes/ pastries 130000 1000 130 move to packing 40000 16000 2.5 pack cakes/ pastries 80000 800000 0.1 inspect pastries 2500 50000 0.05 Bill of activities for Lamington bill of activities for Lamington cost rate cost drive level activity cost process receivables 3 500 1500 process payables 1 200 200 program production 28 100 2800 process sales order 10 400 4000 dispatch sales order 12 500 6000 develop and test products 600 load mixers 14.05 100 1405 operate mixers 0.2295 30000 6885 clean mixers 6.9 2000 13800 move mixers to filling 0.01725 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Managerial Accounting
In order to remedy this situation, a company would likely use short-term loans to pay employees what they are owed. This would then take wages and salaries out of liabilities and replace them with debt. On the other hand, it is sometimes possible that a company has money to pay their employees before they actually have to do so.
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Managerial Accounting
Costing 6 Definition and Explanation of Life Cycle Costing 6 Life Cycle Costing and its Problems in relation with XYZ-325 6 Pre-Production Cost 7 Bibliography 8 Applications of Management Accounting Principles in the scenario of Parts Limited Implication of Porter’s Competitive Strategy Competitive advantage benefits an organization by providing it an ‘edge’ over its competitors.
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Managerial accounting
The conventional accounting impact uses the basic accounting principle of “Matching”. The Matching concept is basically a “fundamental concept of accrual basis accounting that offsets revenue against expenses on the basis of their cause-and-effect relationship.
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Managerial Accounting
The objective of the internal accounting system is to generate financial information that will streamline operational costs. As a result the operations can be made more efficient. In order to meet the objective of cost control, the accounting system provides information in several areas: cash receipts, cash disbursements, petty cash, payroll and fixed assets (Hill and Jones, 2007).
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Managerial Accounting
As a marketing manager for the Crunchy Cookie Company, I would not underestimate sales for a number of reasons. Cookies are frequently eaten edibles and underestimating its sales might create a shortage of products. If the budget is inappropriate, materials are ordered in accordingly and will not result in an increase in sales.
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Managerial accounting
Yet our experience since the early part of this decade has shown this to be an illusion. Massive accounting irregularities and scandals, involving large
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Managerial Accounting
The outflows are calculated multiplying 200 times $500 which equals $100,000. The 200 is the days the lodge is open and $500 are the daily expenses. The 20
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Managerial accounting
Management accountants seem to be moving from their traditional roles of being scorekeepers and controllers in an organization to playing a strategic role. This essay will analyze the changing role of management accountants in modern day businesses by looking at the
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Managerial Accounting
To determine the effect that Machine Hours has on the total cost of production, a relationship needs establishing through the straight line passing through the coordinates. Where this
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Managerial accounting
With that it sets a predetermined benchmark and standard for the measurement of the subsequent performance of the company. The budgeting has been
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