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Reading Responses to a Poem - Essay Example

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READING RESPONSES TO A POEM - “I’m Nobody! Who are you?” Overview The poem “I’m Nobody! Who are you?” is a very fascinating poem that is built on several elements of literature, making the whole poem very interesting and thought provoking. From a distance, on is likely to take a a lot of reasoning as to what message the poem could be carrying with its title, “I’m Nobody!…
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Reading Responses to a Poem
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"Reading Responses to a Poem"

Download file to see previous pages The poem also takes a look at systems and structures of the human institution and how self made rules and principles made by humans are expected to be adhered to without fail. There are specific elements of literature that the writer used to bring out the nature of the poem better and these elements are discussed below. Form The form of a poem is supposed to give a generalized structure about the poem. It is supposed to show the poem is organized and the manner in which a reader is expected to carry out the reading pulses (Gabrielle, 2009). In this very regard, a lot can be said about the poem, “I’m Nobody! Who are you?” first, it is seen that the poem is written in just two stanzas. The response I had from this was the writer’s ability to lay his intensions and thoughts clear in a very brief manner. As the African proverb goes, if a medicine will save you, you only need a pill of it. The writer therefore conveyed all her message clearly in only two stanzas. Within the two stanzas, there are spreads of loose iambic trimester with a number of fourth stresses. This gives the poem ABCB rhyme scheme. Some kind of fall out from the norm was however noted with the ABCB rhyme scheme. ...
In “I’m Nobody! Who are you?”, the writer chooses the concept of human relationship and talks on the theme of essence in humble social status. The writer tactfully expresses her opinion on the need for a person to live in quite humility rather than open pride. The writer employs the terms “no body” and “somebody” to show the differences between two people; one of who are regarded as poor and having nothing. To this people, the writer appreciates their position as an enviable one because it is free from public pressure. She however subjects the high class in society to the need to think carefully about the responsibilities that their status in life brings to them. In essence, the writer is advising all people to live in humility rather than wanting to be the topic of social discussion and yet having a lot of herculean responsibilities that they may eventually find as stressful. The response I had from the theme was very striking and left me thinking about how important it is for me to appreciate what I have as a person. Language One of the only ways the writer could make her poem meaningful despite the fact that there were only few stanzas was to use thought provoking and highly insightful language and this is exactly what the writer of “I’m Nobody! Who are you?” did (Gabrielle, 2009). This notwithstanding, the writer was able to make the content of the poem highly understandable. The understanding of the poem was first vested in the title of the poem, which was more or less a summation of the theme of the poem, asking that “I’m nobody! Who are you?” Subsequent to this title, the writer uses language that further justifies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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