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Abortion in America - Essay Example

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Abortion has always been a very touchy topic with reference to the rights of women and the constitution of the country.Before the Roe vs. Wade case, most of the states had laws against abortions and allowed only in extreme cases of rape or incest…
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Abortion in America
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Abortion in America

Download file to see previous pages... The first instance was of Connecticut which criminalized abortion in the year 1821. Even in the cases of rape and incest, filing a police first investigation report was a prerequisite. However a woman with the name of Norma L. Mcorvay filed a petition against the abortion laws which fueled up the great debate of pro-life vs. pro-choice In June 1969, Mcorvay found out that she was pregnant with her third child and immediately decided to have an abortion. However due to its criminalization she could not get it done at any hospital. She was advised to register as a rape victim, however it did not happen there was no police report about the alleged incident. In 1970, two lawyers by the name of Coffee and Weddington filed a petition against the laws criminalizing abortion. The lawyers represented Mccorvay under the alias of Jane Roe while the Texas state was represented by Henry Wade (Mohr). Before the start of the legal proceedings, Roe conceded that she had not been raped and that case was actually meant as a plea to grant freedom to women regarding their personal choices. After multiple hearings a decision was finally announced on January 22, 1973. The court made abortion one of the fundamental rights under the US constitution, marking the beginning of a new era (Hoffer and Hoffer). There were many proposals including the proposal of viability which said that a woman can only have abortion until the fetus in her womb is not viable. By viable, it meant that the fetus could survive outside the mother’s body. However much of the freedom was granted to women and she could have an abortion after consulting a physician. . The case raised a fiery debate not only in the judicial circles but also among political and social groups. On one hand, the decision was heralded as a victory for women rights while on the other hand it came out as a blow to the believers of pro-life. The decision was controversial and still a large population of the country believes that it should be reverted. Perhaps the biggest shock to the whole pro-life vs. pro-choice debate was dealt by Mcorvay herself when she revealed in 1995 that she had become a proponent of pro-life (Bergel). Since then she has spoken openly against abortion and even filed petitions to overturn the decision, which did not yield any conclusive result. In the light of the above arguments, it can fairly easily be said that the matter is a very complicated one because abortion does not only affect the physical well-being of women but also psychological and emotional well-being. Therefore there needs to be a thorough study of the statistical data about people’s opinions as well as a sound scientific study before any further decision in this regard is taken. Although both sides of the debate has very strong points, I believe that abortion should not be legalized unless in the most extremes of cases. There are many forms of contraception available including, early morning pill and condoms; therefore unwanted pregnancies can easily be avoided if these contraceptive measures are taken. Legalization of abortion actually demeans the reproductive function of sex and projects it only as a means of having pleasure. This encourages unprotected sexual intercourse since unwanted conception can easily be aborted causing a greater number of people to be at a risk of contacting sexually transmitted diseases. Since legalization of abortion poses more of a threat rather than relief to the general well-being of women, it should only is legal in extreme cases. For example, in a situation like rape where the conception actually reminds the women of the trauma and puts a negative impact on her psychological well-being, abortion should be legalized. Also in some pregnancies, some extreme ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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