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To start with the discussion, we need to remind ourselves first that indeed the most important issue with regards to the balancing of particular individual beings where social responsibility lies is in my point of view known as abortion. The law of abortion was passed so that…
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Extract of sample "UNIT 4 INDIVIDUAL PROJECT"

Abortions To start with the discussion, we need to remind ourselves first that indeed the most important issue with regards to the balancing of particular individual beings where social responsibility lies is in my point of view known as abortion. The law of abortion was passed so that they could be legally allowed. None the less it would not be wrong to say that the anti-abortionists came up with some pretty valid points, but then again it is on one’s freedom whether or not to cut short the birth process or continue with it.
For decades now, abortion has been a hot topic and the same will continue to be the case in the years to come. Anti-Abortionists on the other hand agree in unison that it is pretty much in defiance as laid down in the holy books of God to commit such a heinous act like abortion. The rationale that can be provided here is that if at any point in time it was in defiance with the laws as proposed and put forward by God, then it is between the woman under question and her God and she is the one who will be the recipient of chastisement with regards to the abortion decision that she has taken.
A number of people are of the view that abortion can threaten a mother’s life and hence should be deemed as illegal right from the onset. Again there are some opinions which suggest that if the mother does not want to have the baby then it would be best to at least give birth to the newborn and give it to some orphan house so that those women who do not have children in their lives can raise their families in accordance. This seems pretty valid since giving a newborn for the sake of adoption is a good route none the less if a family is against the birth and the eventual raise of the baby. This is due to the fact that at times it has been seen that these children suffer immensely as they sit for ages in the orphanages making them look like unwanted guests in this world.
Different people raise different opinions but this is true that each one of us has a responsibility towards the society and thus we should be responsible enough of take it. Indeed abortion is a very sensitive topic that has been shown flames during its discussion in different meetings and seminars. Controversy is one thing that is sure to make rounds of these board room meetings and hospital seminars. Then again, choosing whether one should have an abortion or not is pretty much dependent on the family and more so the mother, if not the father as well. This is said so as to make sure that the society does not have to pay for the unwanted and neglected child in the form of their hard earned money, i.e., taxes.
A number of people just try to avoid the discussion related with abortion and thus they prefer to remain quiet over the whole issue. They, somehow or the other, wish that this reality could be avoided as far as their lives are concerned. Having said all this, the motivation behind carrying out this act needs to be documented in a proper manner before we study further about abortion. A number of people have started to become pretty apathetic as concerns to the issue of abortion and they just do not seem to care for it anymore. They feel that since this issue does not seem to surface in their own lives, they would not seem to care about it even once. After all, no one cares about other’s baby more than their own.
The act of abortion is a tragedy to say the least. One should always think of those parents who do not have kids even after taking endless medicines, visiting spiritual leaders and guess what not and then compare the same with a gift from God which is about to come in the lap of the mother who is unthankful and ungracious to say the least. One cannot just run away from life like that.
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Rossier, Clementine. (2003) Estimating Induced Abortion Rates: A Review Studies in Family Planning Vol. 34
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UNIT 4 INDIVIDUAL PROJECT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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