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Wise Blood is a story of a young man, Hazel Motes, who takes desperate measures to demonstrate that Christ does not exist. Hazel Motes takes an extreme measure of forming an antireligious ministry to prove Christ’s non-existence…
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Wise Blood By Flannery OConnor
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Download file to see previous pages For instance, Motes has the character of a martyr, despite spending most of his time trying to run away from God. As a child, Haze was convinced he could avoid Jesus if he avoided committing sins. When this does not seem to work, he becomes determined to convert to nothing. Motes cannot go to any place without people mistaking him for a preacher, no matter his actions. Nevertheless, the key purpose of the novel is to show that here is an exploration of repercussions of the decision made by Motes after deciding to reject God. Sin and forgiveness, as a theme is clearly depicted in almost all the characters, in the novel. When Motes pursues the new prophet, Solace Layfield, Motes rams his car and runs over him. Right before Layfield dies; he confesses his sins, including the fact that the car was stolen and asks Jesus for help. This scene serves to the give the novel a moralistic lesson. Readers learn that it is difficult to deny Christ’s salvation in both life and death; in death, Layfield does not resist Christ’s presence and asks for forgiveness. The idea in his mind, that, Jesus would have sacrificed his life for every sinner “in ten million deaths” (p.10), haunts Motes. Motes later comes to a conclusion that he does not believe in such beliefs as evidenced in the text; “There was already a deep black wordless conviction …”....
The author indicates that Motes soon realized that he was not supposed to watch a naked lady, let alone one in a casket, as it was sinful to do so. Motes punished himself for his actions. O’Connor also quotes for her readers, on her views on sin; “You can tell people better how terrible sin is if you know from your own personal experience.” (O’Connor 15). It is evident that the author is sending the message; sexuality is sinful. The figure of Christ is the other theme, in the novel. O’Connor informs her readers that before Motes decided to join the army, he wanted to become a preacher. Motes goes home only to avoid Jesus who appears in his mind numerous times. As the author explains, no matter what Motes does Jesus moves "…from tree to tree in the back of his mind, a wild, ragged figure motioning him..."(O’Connor 47). It is a figure that reminds Motes he is in dire need of salvation. Hazel Motes returns to the small town only to establish the “Church without Christ”. Hawk, a preacher in the town informs Motes that he will never run away from Jesus, but despite being told this, Motes still believes that Jesus does not exist. This is evidenced when he says “I’m going to preach a new church; the church of truth without Jesus Christ Crucified (O’Connor 28). O’Connor’s assertion of the figure of Christ is also depicted through the use of signs. When Motes drives all the way into the country, he stops and sees a sign that says “…Jesus Saves”. This emphasizes the fact that Motes cannot escape Jesus Christ, despites all the efforts used. The working of God’s grace in a person’s life is also another key theme in Wise Blood. O’Connor’s concept of Grace in the central character, Hazel Motes, is strongly enforced ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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