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Sammy, the man in the story who tells all is seen to be uninterested in the job he is given as a check out boy within the local A&P. However,…
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Emphasis Fiction
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Download file to see previous pages Narrative voice used in the selection is a clear demonstration of the qualities passed by the main character who is the narrator (Gilbert 1158). Through the tone and diction contained within this narrative voice, it is obvious in this story that Sammy is in his teens and his having a mature observation of women.
It is significant to know that the A&P story is written in the first person and the narrator is an objective; this simply shows that the narrator relies on personal observation and does not know what actually goes on in the mind of the others. Sammy is also seen as a participant narrator since he is also in the story that he is telling. Since Sammy is restrained in this particular manner, he can easily be believed, and the readers can also relate with him without any hindrance (Gilbert 1158). Moreover, since he is present in person, he is a dependable source of information for the readers. The simple manner in which Sammy is portrayed in the story coupled with his plain existence proposes the idea that every man has some complexity that lies in the mind.
The story was published in 1953, following the permanent move of Flannery OConnor to Andalusia who the diary firm of her mother. The story makes an illustration of the various themes and techniques that characterized the distinctive OConnor story. There is characterization in this story. The tools of characterization include actions, clothing, family life, speech and dialogue as well as thoughts and opinions (Flannery 4). In the context of actions, it is the way sense is made for the minor characters and they say a lot in the story. The kids in the story say nasty things to the strangers and grandmother and consequently through a fantastic tantrum to ensure that their Bailey takes them to the particular plantation house. Baileys appears to loose his temper and fond of clenching the jaw and also saying shut up. However, the wife of Bailey says and does nothing apart from attending to the baby. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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