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As a result of this critical international issue, many people have written articles on how the needy people have been helped and the organizations which have been involved. A good example is an article, Stupart, R. (2012, February 20). 7 worst international aid ideas. Matador Network, which gives some of the ideas which the author considers to be the worst in terms of helping the needy. In this article, Richard explains why each idea suggested by either an individual or organization is not applicable in assisting the needy. Richard provides many examples as to why the ideas are worst and he supports his argument by explaining the results of each idea. Richard has succeeded in illustrating his point and his arguments are strong. Richard starts by giving the outline of the article, which clearly guides the reader and every section of the article is well written and thus the reader does not get confused. Summary Richard, who is currently working with Matador Network which is based in South Africa critically evaluates the suggestions given by different individuals and organizations regarding giving aid to the needy and provides suggestions as to why the ideas are not applicable. Richard explains each and every idea in depth and gives a clear explanation as to why it should be n considered as worst. An example of an idea which he criticizes is when 50 Cent, a celebrity had volunteered to give a meal to needy children in Somalia for every like in his face book status. In addition, Richard explains

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that adopting some of the ideas would create more problems to the people than the way they would have been helped. Evaluation In this inductive article, Richard star by giving the main idea which clearly shows his reason for criticizing the ideas. The outline makes the article easier to read and understand about the international aid ideas a fact that makes the article interesting and keeps the reader both anxious and interested. It is very easy to find the thesis statement of the article in first paragraph and in the whole article. Richard has given the outline and he has also given each section a title, thus making it easier for the reader to follow and not get confused. Richard has also arranged his arguments well whereby after every idea, he has clearly explained the reason as to why an idea is worst. Although Richard has explained each and every idea, the third idea “Machine Gun Preacher” (Richard 2012) is hard to understand and this makes the reader confused. The topic sentence for this idea is no correct and gives the reader many meanings which are not related to what Richard puts across. Richard has not clearly explained the idea, a fact that makes his criticism for the idea doubtable (Richard 2012). Richard does not use any sources of evidence to support his opinions effectively. This makes the article lack credibility and also makes the reader to lose interest despite the fact that Richard has clearly explained his opinions. There are no references after every paragraph a fact that makes Richard’s opinions doubtable. Richard’s opinions in the article are strong as he gives the reason to each and every criticism he gives. For example in the first idea of one million T-shirts for Africa, Richard gives two reasons why the idea is bad. One reason is that everyone in Africa can afford a T-shirt “There is practically nowhere that people who want T-shirts are unable to afford them”


Title: 7 Worst International Aid Ideas Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Introduction In the present world, many people have been concerned about the disadvantaged and the starving people. This is so because there has been an increase in the number of people who need help all over the world…
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