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The Vietnam War - Essay Example

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The late nineties was a time of great enthusiasm, fervor and prosperity in many countries such as The United States. However, it too was a great time of massive battle and warfare, a long struggling age of enormous divergence within nations and also between other countries that were in great incongruity. …
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The Vietnam War
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The Vietnam War

Download file to see previous pages... The Vietnam War was the long-drawn-out clash between pro-self-government forces endeavoring to amalgamate the nation of Vietnam under a communist administration and the United States, with the assistance of the Southern Vietnamese, struggling to thwart the blowout of communism. Involved in a conflict that many regarded as having no way for victory, U.S. leaders suffered the loss of the American community's cooperation for the war. From the time when the war ended, the Vietnam War has turned out to be a point of reference for what one should not do in all forthcoming U.S. external battles.
The Vietnam War was an era during the Cold War period of great military divergence that happened in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and lasted from 1955 to the plummet of Saigon in 1975. This war came after the First Indochina War. It was a fight between North Vietnam, reinforced by its communist allies, and the administration of South Vietnam, where the United States and other anti-communist nations reinforced it. Like many wars fought during this time, the reason for it was mainly the division of a desire for communism, and the desire for democracy. It was known to be a war much “tougher than-and different from-World War II and Korea.”
The foremost military establishments tangled in the conflict were the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, also known as ARVN and the U.S. military on one side, and the Vietnam People's Army or VPA also known as the North Vietnamese Army or NVA), and the Viet Cong, or National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam (NLF), a communist paramilitary group in South Vietnam, on the other side.
There had been a lot of hostility in Vietnam for a long period of time before the Vietnam War started. The Vietnamese people had undergone suffering from the French colonial ruling for almost sixty long years when eventually, Japan conquered parts of Vietnam in 1940. It was a year later when Vietnam had two external supremacies dominating them, that communist Vietnamese avant-garde leader Ho Chi Minh came to Vietnam in return after expending roughly three decades travelling the world. Once Ho Chi Minh was now back in Vietnam, he started centers of operations in a cave in the northern part of Vietnam and founded the Viet Minh, whose purpose was to divest Vietnam from the Japanese and French inhabitants. Having increased support for their goal in Northern Vietnam, the Viet Minh proclaimed the formation of a self-governing Vietnam with a new administration named the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in the September of 1945. However, the French colonists were not disposed to hand over their colony so effortlessly and fought back. For many years, Ho Chi Minh had endeavored to ingratiate the United States to back him up as opposed to the French, such as supplying the United States with military intellect concerning the Japanese throughout World War II. Notwithstanding this assistance, the United States was completely devoted to their Cold War external policy of suppression, which meant averting the increasing spread of Communism. Ho Chi Minh, aware of this, did not want to draw the United States into the conflict. The Americans, though, could not allow their client state to fall and the road to war began. (Wiest 16) The “domino theory” of the United States, which specified that if one nation in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Vietnam War
However, the French too were waging a war against the local people, who wanted to be rid of the colonial yoke. Soon after the world war, the fighting for the colony by the French continued, but by the year 1954, after their defeat at Dien Bien Phu, they were forced to agree to the Geneva accords, whereby Vietnam was divided at the seventeenth parallel, and elections to reunify the country were to be held by 1956.
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Vietnam War
The rulers of South Vietnam who sought American help to oust the communists were immersed in corruption and anti-people governance. At the same time, a spirit of social equality motivated the North Vietnamese communist rulers.
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The Vietnam War
When the next generation like Andrew Pham tries to search for their identity they realize the dilemma that surrounds them. The book tries to find the answers to the many questions that this generation faces. It is true that anybody who relocates from his birth place to a different place, even within the same country have this phase where they don’t know which place to associate with that will form their identity.
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The Vietnam War
Discussion Before the Vietnam War, the public in America viewed their senators, congressional representatives, public and governmental institutions and universities with great respect. However, there was a drastic shift in these views during the 1960s. When the Vietnam War started in 1955, the majority of the American public backed their government and regarded their intentions as good but as the war dragged on to the next decade with no signs of the way ending in the future, the great financial, social and economic losses incurred by the Americans (Gilbert, 2001).
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News during the Vietnam War
News During The Vietnam War Introduction The Vietnam War dominated world headlines and most of the information was shown in televisions and radios. The war, which took ten years, was fully supported by Kennedy, who took office during the onset of the war.
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The Vietnam War
It is stated that the Vietnam War has been documented as the longest in the American history. Although there was no formal declaration of the war, it is considered to have officially begun in 1961 when President John F. Kennedy sent military consultants to South Vietnam. This decision marked the start of twelve years of American armed struggle.
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Perception of The Vietnam War
America’s involvement in the war was not related to right and wrong, but connected to their hatred of communism, and pledge to prevent its expansion1. Lasting for twenty-five years, the Vietnam War was a painful time for both sides of the conflict, and many of those that survived bear deep physical and emotional wounds2.
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The Vietnam War
The Vietnam War was subsequent to the First Indochina War in which both warring sides elicited support from allies such as communists for the North and the US and other anti-communist countries for the South. The war entailed two key groups, i.e. the Viet Cong or the National Liberation Front (NLF), which was a communist-controlled group with light arms that focused on guerilla war tactics and anti-communist forces within the region.
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The Vietnam War
The Vietnam War was one of those proxy wars fought by the United States of America in Vietnam against a communist regime that was supported by communist China and the USSR. It was also perhaps the most unpopular war in modern history, as protests were staged against it; American electorate called it an unjustified war and wanted its soldiers called back home.
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The Vietnam War
These troops were subjected to a warfare that confronted guerilla tactics in the harsh conditions of jungle combat. Many of the troops were drafted and merely accepted the role as an alternative to prison or Canada. In addition, the Vietnam war was unique in its unpopularity and the attitude that society held towards the Vietnam veteran.
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