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Name: Title: Course: Tutor: Date: Physics Phy 1-1 1. The Law of Momentum Conservation states that without any external forces acting on a system, the moment of the system would not change (Serway & Jewett, 2009). But moving objects encounter opposing external forces and lose momentum to zero thus stopping…
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Download file to see previous pages 3. The balloon would initially be at rest with zero momentum. On release, the gases initially inflated move in one direction and the balloon would move in the opposite direction to acquire equal momentum quantities such that the sum of the vector momenta become zero in line with Newton’s third law of motion that the forces are opposite and equal. 4. Had the rich man been not so miserly, he would have thrown the bag of gold coins so that while the bag glides in one direction, he would be propelled in the opposite direction in line with Newton’s third principle of motion which suggests that he would be propelled at an equal but opposite force to the one used to throw the bag. The ice being frictionless would cause the man not to stop until he reaches the shore. 5. In space, it would be expected that a rocket would have zero momentum as there is no force. To propel and change direction, the rocket thrusters push fuel in one direction and fuel pushes back in the opposite direction in line with Newton’s third principle of motion. The rocket throws millions of particles from its tail causing it to move in the opposite direction referred to as spacecraft propulsion. Phy 2-1 1. When the jar with orange juice is shaken vigorously, the work done would heat the juice thus increasing the molecules’ kinetic energy. ...
3. a) No. For liquids and solids, the internal energies are complex and would involve potential energies affected by the bonds existing between molecules and atoms. Hence, objects could have same temperature but different internal energies. Similarly, internal energy varies with object mass. When two objects of different temperatures are in contact with each other, there would be transfer of net energy to the colder object from the hotter one no matter their internal energies. b) Yes. For there to be energy transfer, there has to be difference in temperature between two objects, which need not essentially be related to internal energies difference. For a substance to change phase from solid to liquid to gas, energy should be supplied to break the intermolecular interactions. In water, these interactions make it solid as ice. Ice would be hard because the interactions are strongest with the interaction weakening on transformation to steam or gas. When undergoing phase change, energy would be consumed to break these interactions as opposed to causing an increase in temperature. As such, the temperature remains constant until that point where all the interactions would be broken. For example, when heat is applied on a block of ice, the temperature of the ice block would rise until it is 00C. The temperature remains constant as the block of ice melts to water as the absorbed heat would be used to break intermolecular bonds as opposed to increasing temperature. The temperature would then rise when all the ice melts to water. Yes. It is possible to convert mechanical energy completely to heat or internal energy. No. The reverse is impossible. According to the second law of thermodynamics, there is no machine that converts heat to mechanical energy hence no 100% ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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1. Estimate the amount of heat wasted on each mile from a typical car (30 MPG) Heat from any automobile is produced by burning of oxygen. The gas that is produced is carbon dioxide that is usually a product of combustion. Although there are other by-products of combustion, the main by-product is carbon dioxide (CO2).
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But it gained an independent identity in 19th century. New discoveries constantly open new outlook for learning about nature. It is a way of looking at nature from the ground up, and has inspired the philosophies of the twentieth century. Today, the scope of physics is expanding through inter-relationship between various concepts like mechanics, heat, sound, light, electricity and magnetism leading to new fields including microbiology, nano- technologies and financial markets
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No single theory or model can provide complete explanation of the universe and its dynamics on an individual basis. The complete picture of the universe can be given only by such models that are capable of accounting for all the forces of nature-the three common forces and the gravitational force as well and this is exactly what the theorists and physicists have been searching for long (Hooft Gerard't, 2005).
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the potential at a point on the surface due to the charge is Q/R. since potential inside a conductor is the same everywhere, this expression itself gives the potential of any point in the interior of the sphere. But the potential of a conductor is Q/C where C is the capacitance.
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These questions have been responded to in a certain chronological order as follow. Frequencies encoding gradients, as well as phase encoding gradients areboth essential part of the spatially encoded data. It is, thus, true that using the induced differences in the frequency and the phase of precession, makes the data amenable for analysis by the Fourier transform.
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