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Nursing Ethics and Palliative Care - Term Paper Example

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This paper 'Nursing Ethics and Palliative Care' briefly looks at one of the main ethical issues common in nursing, called palliative care, with a view of presenting a balanced perspective in the articulation of the issue. Issues surrounding palliative care are one of the most challenging kinds in the field of nursing and healthcare…
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Nursing Ethics and Palliative Care
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Extract of sample "Nursing Ethics and Palliative Care"

Download file to see previous pages In each passing day, nurses, regardless of their accreditation or practice areas, continue to face several ethical dilemmas (Milligan, 2009). Ethics can simply be described as the study of practical reasoning (Milligan, 2009). Demonstrations of ethical behavior can be influenced by a lot of varied factors within a practice setting. In several instances, for example, what one nurse may deem ethical can be in sharp contrast to what another individual tackling the same issue does (Milligan, 2009). Universally, however, nurses are charged with the application of concepts of ethics in their patient care deliveries. These concepts of ethics entail the provision of care that is rational, good and correct (Milligan, 2009). With ethical nursing dependent on sound decision making and rational science, patients are also allowed the right to choose when procuring services and choosing how they wish to be cared for (Milligan, 2009). Even though the definition of ethical behavior concerning different circumstances in nursing can vary from one nurse to another, ethics generally encompass doing good deeds and causing no harm to patients, the institution and the nurse (Austin, 2012). Nurses can obtain basic tools for ethical behavior from lectures, classes, and seminars on nursing ethics principles, but such knowledge is shaped by the nurse’s experiences, values, and beliefs (Nzle, 2006). In the end, therefore, contrasting choices can be ethically made regarding the same dilemma. In the current diverse world, it has become increasingly challenging for nurses to work with perceived integrity especially in the wake of the pressures and moral choices that nurses have to deal with (Austin, 2012). 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), palliative care is defined as a multidisciplinary approach used to enhance the life quality of patients (as well as their loved ones/ families and friends) who are plagued with a life-threatening condition (Milligan, 2009). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Nursing Ethics and Palliative Care Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words - 2)
Nursing Ethics and Palliative Care Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words - 2.
“Nursing Ethics and Palliative Care Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words - 2”.
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e quality of the patient concerned, together with alleviating the different types of problems the family and the patient undergo during the course of a life-threatening illness (Coupland et al., 2010). Palliative care, in this case, is achieved by way of relief and prevention of suffering by ensuring problem identification is done early enough and by execution of impeccable assessment, treatment of pain, as well as offering psychological, physical, and spiritual relief for the patient (Penrod et al., 2006).
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... branches of nursing specialties through their dedication and unwavering focus on end-of-life care. Hospice care basically includes family support, management of pain and 24-hour nursing availability. Through their role of providing of expert pain management combined with counseling and compassionate listening, hospice care nurses are able to promote the highest life quality for patients and their respective families (Chaffee, 1999; Lanken et al, 2008). The knowledge pertaining to end of life issues that specialist hospice care nurses have, combined with relatively strong commitments to hospice care ethics, is noted to normally extend to the work conducted by these specialist nurses who frequently go beyond the bedside to advocate...
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