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You Dont Need To Be a Title to Be a Leader By Mark Sanborn - Book Report/Review Example

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In the paper “You Don’t Need To Be a Title to Be a Leader By Mark Sanborn” the author focuses on a very positive and thought-provoking message in the book. It takes an optimistic approach to be a leader, the one who believes in himself that he or she is capable of doing something…
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You Dont Need To Be a Title to Be a Leader By Mark Sanborn
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Download file to see previous pages They are the ones who stay in constant contact with patients being treated in the hospital or clinic. A nurse can act as a leader in critical situations to calm down the family of a patient brought into the emergency room. In some case, a proper monitoring is required to maintain the health of the patient. Sometimes an error can be done by a nurse so the other fellow nurses among the staff should help and try their best to overcome the mistake. Such are the scenarios where a positive and sincere effort is required even if it’s beyond the duty. Similarly, in the situation of outcomes, nurses can play the role of a leader by being generous and dutiful even if it requires some extra effort. A real leader will not expect some incentive in return to help the people who are in need. A person who has such an impact on the life of others is a leader. Such outcomes can lead to improvements in the workplace, hospitals, and communities.
The most effective principle mentioned in the book that can be practiced among nursing staff is “power with people”. Leaders have to earn their followers by influencing them. They never pressurize or command them. A leader should among the ordinary people understand their values and to access them easily. For example; nurses don’t stand in a position where they can order patients. They help the people by providing comfort and monitoring them. They work as a team with doctors and cooperate with patients too, so they have the power with the people.
The principle “persuasive communication” can be widely practiced in nursing. With the help of strong communication, a leader can gain the trust of his followers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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