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Bullying Within Nursing Workplace - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Bullying Within Nursing Workplace" discusses nursing that is one of the most vital components of the health delivery system. Nursing is one of the most vital components of the health delivery system. It provides the ingredient of health and medical area that facilitates faster recovery…
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Bullying Within Nursing Workplace
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Extract of sample "Bullying Within Nursing Workplace"

Download file to see previous pages Bullying is basically defined as ‘offensive behavior through vindictive, cruel, malicious, or humiliating attempts to undermine an individual or group of employees’ (ILO, 1998). The bullying in the workplace has widespread ramifications leading to the increased rate of attrition of the employees, low quality of work, creation of poor practice in the professional environment and violation of legal-ethical norms. Bullying in the nursing workplace becomes a highly deplorable act because it directly impacts the well being of the vulnerable third party, the patients. The bullying of nurses comes from various quarters; employers and hospital administration, managers, colleagues, patients, and patients’ families. It is therefore important that for improved performance outcomes of the nursing profession and health industry, in general, bullying must be addressed.

The study of bullying of the nurses, by the various people within and outside the health industry, is to devise ways and means to create a better work environment for the nursing professionals and develop appropriate policies and code of conduct for the various interacting elements of the healthcare system, including the patients and patients’ family members. The study would also help promote a sense of deep commitment to the welfare of the patients and help formulate strategies and innovative approaches to tackle bullying. Since workplace harassment is not confined to physical and mental abuse of the victim but has wide-ranging implications for the organization’s reputation, management, patients and the victims or nurses and carers, the study becomes highly critical for the credibility of the health industry as a whole.

One of the most important aspects of the study would be to help prepare a detailed guideline for the elimination of anti-social behavior of the different people, directly or indirectly involved within the healthcare system and educate people regarding the repercussions of bullying and violent behavior, within and outside the healthcare system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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