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Taking a Stand - Research Paper Example

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Aggression in the healthcare workplace Instructor Date Introduction Due to the emotional take that is inevitable within healthcare particularly nursing, it is important that the environment is conducive and encouraging to the workers. Moreover, healthcare is characterized by hierarchy which implies that students will be vulnerable to various forms of bullying while undertaking clinical placements…
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Taking a Stand
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Download file to see previous pages This leaves students and lower level employees prone to bullying tactics such as being used as personal slaves by physicians or senior nurses ridicule and humiliate students in front of their colleagues and patients as well. Such bullying tactics differ with extremity depending on the organizational setup. There is a need for a moral agent within healthcare, among nurses since if this role is not fulfilled some of the detrimental effects include deflating of self-esteem which may disrupt their pursuit of the profession, low morale leading to employee turnover, absenteeism and low productivity affecting performance; all of which directly influence the success of the organization. Worse still, in some cases, the organization may end up incurring litigation fees, making out early retirement payouts, counseling fees for workers and compensation of workers. Therefore, it is apparent that individuals practicing nursing should take up the challenge of being the moral agent. Where they stand up and defend people being bullied, or if the one facing the bullying taking a firm stand regardless of the alienating position it leaves one in. It is unfortunate that there is no specific legal action open to majority of the bullying tactics present in the workplace. However, there are some laws under the Civil Rights Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act that can be applied to certain scenarios if a protected class such as from a certain ethnicity is violated and if safety and healthful conditions are not met, respectively (Niles, 2012). As a moral advocate against aggression at the workplace, I would begin by informing fellow employees on the options open to them if they face any bullying. This would create a feeling of empowerment and confidence while carrying out their clinical duties and seeking knowledge from their seniors. Secondly, I would approach a senior physician and ask them to support my endeavor when I approach physicians to urge them to refrain from and warn them about bullying through abuse of power or any other tactic. In order to get cooperation, I would educate the senior level nurses and physicians on the impact of bullying (Daly, Speedy and Jackson, 2003). By relaying this information, I believe it will create understanding on why it is important that any form of bullying be shunned and where one witnesses it, they should not tolerate it by merely standing by but instead rebuke the offender and support the victim. Thirdly, I would come up with a clear framework that defines what counts as bullying so as to avoid cases of misunderstanding. This would be contained in a document and placed in strategic positions within the hospital so that everyone can be informed and that no excuses of ignorance are allowed. Lastly and most importantly, I would encourage senior nurses to take up the role of mentors so as to support nursing students as this will not only benefit the students but will give them an opportunity to develop and nurture leadership skills, critical in advancing their careers (Randle, 2006). Concurrently, I would seek a concrete title that attracts attention from employees but does not deter low-level group from freely approaching me. This would ensure the position takes on a permanent standing within the organization, so that even upon my departure it continues ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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