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The case Talks of Marco and Jessica who are expecting a child and after a scan, the doctor tells them that the fetus has abnormalities…
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Case study Fetal abnormality
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Case study "Fetal abnormality" Fetal abnormality is term used to refer to the irregular growth of the fetus leading to abnormal development of the fetus body organs. The case Talks of Marco and Jessica who are expecting a child and after a scan, the doctor tells them that the fetus has abnormalities. According to Dr Wilson, the scan has revealed that a baby has not developed any arm and may not develop them and in addition, the baby will have a high probability of developing Downs- syndrome.
The questions of moral status come in and there are several theories between Marco, Dr. Wilson, Maria who is Jessica and Marco’s aunt and Jessica. One theory according to Marco is that the doctor should consider the emotional stability of Jessica and he should tell her once he is sure that she can receive the diagnosis. Dr. Wilson’s theory is that it is an obligation for the doctor to inform his patient their true diagnosis immediately to facilitate proper decision making. Therefore, it was appropriate for him to inform Jessica on the condition of the fetus and give his advice of which he recommended an abortion. He argues that his obligation is to Jessica and not to Marco and that it is important that Jessica knows her condition so that he can advice her accordingly. Maria on the other hand thinks that a mother should not terminate a pregnancy despite the condition of the fetus. She pleads with Jessica not to terminate the pregnancy and let God decide. Jessica does not have a particular stand, she cannot decide between terminating the pregnancy, and her religious believe that life is sacred.
All these theories are at some point confusing Jessica in her decision regarding what to do. Marco is Jessica’s husband and although after the pleading with the doctor he did not change his mind, the doctor thought he was worth listening. This is despite the fact that his reasoning did nothing to persuade the doctor to act differently and wait before telling Jessica the truth about her diagnosis. The doctor’s theory has a lot of weight in the decision-making since he is the expert and knows the implication of continuing with the fetus with abnormalities. Marias thinking also can influence on what Jessica decides considering Jessica is also a religious person and that is why she thought of calling her priest.
Personally, I am more at ease with the doctor’s theory that it is better that Jessica Knows the condition from the doctor because it is ethically right she knows. The doctors knows the challenges that children born with conditions like what Jessica fetus had go through and therefore he is in a position to make Jessica understand those implications. According to NDSS (2012), a child born with Down syndrome has developmental challenges and requires extra attention. The doctors has experience of familiar cases like hers and like the Crespigny & Savulescu (2008) such cases happen and when Jessica here this she will realize she is not an exclusive case. If the doctor explicitly explains these challenges to Jessica in addition to the problems of living without arms then this could change her thinking. Many cases happen of fetal abnormalities and various options are available for the affected to choose from. The important point to note is that it well under the law that a mother can chose to abort or keep the baby without any legal repercussions (Lyus, 2013).
(2012). “What Is Down Syndrome.” NDSS. Retrieved from Crespigny, L.J. & Savulescu, J. (2008). “Pregnant women with fetal abnormalities: the forgotten people in the abortion debate.” The Medical Journal of Australia. 188(2), 100-103.
Lylus, R. (2013). “Second trimester abortion for fetal abnormality.” British Medical Journal. Retrieved from Read More
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Case Study Fetal Abnormality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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