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Tay-sachs disease - Case Study Example

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In the paper “Tay-Sachs Disease” the researcher gives an analysis of the case study of a Tay-Sachs child. He talks about the main effects of the illness on the child and what kind of treatment would be needed. Both parents must carry the mutated gene in order to have an affected child…
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Extract of sample "Tay-sachs disease"

Download file to see previous pages The type of information that the Trosacks would get from each member would
definitely be markedly different. For example, the nurse would probably be available in a capacity that was strictly in order to help Mrs. Trosack learn more about her pregnancy and the practical issues that might arise with the responsibilities she were to accept the challenge to be a mother to a Tay-Sachs child. In terms of the geneticist, the geneticist would be able to logically explain why their unborn child has Tay-Sachs, not to mention how he or she would genetically break down the facts in order to help explain to the couple about how the recessive gene on the paternal side needs to be available for both parents to be carriers. The doctor would probably talk about the main effects of the illness on the child and what kind of treatment would be needed. The chaplain would be available for moral support.
2. Teaching Plan For the Trosacks’ Initial
a. Genetic Diagnosis
The diagnosis of Tay-Sachs is, fortunately, one clear-cut fact. According to NINDS Tay-Sachs Disease Information Page (2011), “Patients and carriers of Tay-Sachs disease can be identified by a simple blood test that measures beta-hexosaminidase A activity. Both parents must carry the mutated gene in order to have an affected child. [Given these circumstances, usually] there is a 25 percent chance…that [their] child will be affected with Tay-Sachs…” (pgh. 2).
b. Treatment
The treatment of Tay-Sachs is probably going to be aggressive in nature. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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