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Misuse of the Internet: Pornography and Plagiarism - Essay Example

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Plagiarism is a word that is used to imply stealing and publishing of another author’s thoughts, presentation of ideas or even expressions and presenting them for either academic or any other purpose as if they were one’s own working. However, plagiarism is generally…
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Misuse of the Internet: Pornography and Plagiarism
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Extract of sample "Misuse of the Internet: Pornography and Plagiarism"

Download file to see previous pages In the journalism, it can lead to suspensions or even the termination of the employment contract (Harrell, 2013).
In most academic institutions who work towards eradicating plagiarism, the use of plagiarism checker software is the most commonly used and convenient way. Once a student is found to have plagiarized, the trust they had with their professor is jeopardized because the professor only thinks that one is a lazy student who can not do their own work, but copying from other people’s. If there is a previous work that might have been presented before, it could be destroyed or the marks awarded foe rescinded. One becomes a dishonest and fraudulent student in the eyes of their professor and this is hazardous in education (Harrell, 2013).
Plagiarism in unfair to the other students because when others are putting in efforts and resources to find an original piece of information on a certain area of research, the plagiarist does no tire themselves up, they relax and sit by. This is like burdening other students. While the plagiarist may sometimes get away with plagiarism, they stand a big chance of having no idea how the results or the inferences on a certain subject were realized, and therefore, plagiarism makes one dull in the brains.
The purpose of universities and any other academic institution is to produce students who have reached the required academic heights (Sutherland-Smith, 2013). Universities aim to produce intellectuals who are adept in their areas of study, but with plagiarism, students coming from that university are no better than those who did not attend any university. This is because their dependence on other people’s work makes them unable to do anything original on their own.
Plagiarism inculcates laziness among the student and institutions of higher learning must ensure that they have software of high quality to help detect ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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