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Week 4 .Course Project: Promoting health care quality - Research Paper Example

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This assessment helps to discern whether the kinds of services that are provided are quality and whether the organization is making…
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Week 4 .Course Project: Promoting health care quality
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Download file to see previous pages As such, this paper will discuss how the consideration of organizational culture during evaluation helps in the analysis of the interactions and processes to enhance the enactment of change as the central effort and element.
In the United States, the Centers for disease control and prevention is one of the leading national institutions that provide public health. It is a federal agency that operates under the Department of Health and Human Services with its headquarters in Georgia. The main goal of this organization is to protect public safety and public health by making efforts to control and prevent diseases, disability and injuries. The main focus of the CDC is on the national attention to develop and apply ways of protecting and controlling diseases. The main focus is on infectious diseases, environmental health, occupational safety and health and the food borne pathogens (CDC, 2015).
The principle mission of the CDC organization is to protect the United States from the threats that are associated to heath, safety and security. This applies to whether they are foreign or from the US. Whether the disease begins while at home or abroad, whether it is acute or chronic and whether it is curable or preventable, CDC is always available to ensure that it fights the disease and also empowers the community to take part in the same. As such, it increases the health security of the nation. In a similar way, its vision includes the need to ensure that people from all the communities are empowered to enjoy the elements of good health as well as quality life. This is done by making sure that the communities within which they live are safe and that the social, physical and policy environments maintain and support behavior and attitudes that promote health and well being. All the activities that are performed by the organization are based on the values of respect, trust, accountability and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Week 4 .Course Project: Promoting Health Care Quality Research Paper.
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