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UNICEF's tap project - Essay Example

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United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund was created in 1946 as a part of the UN to help the European children who suffered the aftermath of the Second World War. Its role was to provide them with shelter, clothing, food, education and proper health care…
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UNICEFs tap project
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Download file to see previous pages United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund was created in 1946 as a part of the UN to help the European children who suffered the aftermath of the Second World War. Its role was to provide them with shelter, clothing, food, education and proper health care. UNICEF also fights for the protection of children's rights and to facilitate them with opportunities that help the children explore their potential and fully exploit it.UNICEF currently is spread in 115 countries with 200 offices all over. It has initiated many projects dealing with child development and sustainability, resource availability, gender inequality, education, HIV/AIDS, policy development and complete child protection.One of the projects that UNICEF launched is called the Tap Project. Water is one of the most critical resources needed for survival; although, we know that water is falling short for the population of the world, we are still taking the resource for granted. Efforts have been made to preserve water but with increasing population it is becoming extremely difficult for people around the world to reduce usage. Also, 5000 children die every single day due to water-borne diseases; which means there is a strict need for regulating the quality of water being provided. UNICEF has been making sure that there is access to safe drinking water and sanitation in schools and communities and at the same time promoting hygiene practices in 90 other countries. With the help of the efforts made by UNICEF, 1.2 billion people have been blessed with clean drinking water from 1990 to 2004. (
Whenever a project is launched, there is always a need for a planner or a person who can rationally evaluate it. There are several ways of critically analyzing a project, one of which is Jung's Public Health Program Evaluation Grid. Since UNICEF's Tap Project is a public health project, it is best to use an evaluation process that deals with this subject. There are six areas that are examined by this evaluation grid - cultural competency, quality assessment and improvement, program oversight, program intervention strategies, program background/overview and the program administration (Jung, 2006). One easy way is to carry out surveys by passing out questionnaires for participants and people managing the project. Another way is to gather information from the managerial department - making arduous efforts can collect information on financial accounts, marketing techniques, goals achieved. They should judge the success by seeing the increment in the number of participant restaurants or companies. Also, they should see how many goals and objectives formed initially have been achieved over the course of existence of the Tap project.
Program Background/Overview - The Tap Project is a non-profit and non-governmental effort for primary prevention of the people from contaminated water and unhygienic living conditions. The benefactors are poor people and children of the countries participating in this project who would otherwise not have sanitary facilities or even access to clean drinking water. The lack of these two causes many diseases, the most common ones of which are cholera, diarrhea and typhoid. The major global partners of this project are American Express, Droga5, Esquire, Turner Broadcasting,, Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group (WASRAG), Sundance Channel, Eco-mmunity and the Empire State Building (Tap Project, n.d). These are the stakeholders of the project who volunteer for such projects for popularity and advertisement. By sponsorships, their names will be become common among the population - this is exactly what a good company needs in order to gain the confidence of the consumers. If the stakeholder is an NGO, they would be interested in rise up to new heights and earn awards for their hardwork for the community. If it is a manufacturing company, participating in this project will help them to increase awareness of their product - this is a medium for them to advertise ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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