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Terminology/Classification - Assignment Example

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The third terminology, NOC, is an acronym for Nursing Outcomes Classification. All three terminologies and classifications are ratified by the…
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Terminology ification Terminology ification NANDA is an acronym for the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association while NIC stands for the Nursing Interventions Classification. The third terminology, NOC, is an acronym for Nursing Outcomes Classification. All three terminologies and classifications are ratified by the American Nurses’ Association (Johnson, 2012). In addition, they feature in the Metathesaurus for a Unified Medical Language, which is a feature of the National Library of Medicine, as well as the CINAHL (Carpenito, 2013). These terminologies are incorporated in the Systemized Nomenclature of Medicine) SNOMED and portrayed in Health Level Seven International (HL7). These terminologies are utilized globally by practicing nurses in chronic care facilities, patient homes, long-term care institutions and rehabilitation and short-term care and ambulatory facilities (Carpenito, 2013). Across the world, vendors hold licenses for mapping the three terminologies into electronic frameworks that facilitate nursing care.
Using these terminologies, practicing nurses can facilitate clinical decision-making using standardized interpretations of all jargons, evidence-based evaluation methods for selecting relevant diagnoses, as well as processes for interventions and measurements for all results (Johnson, 2012). These terminologies can also be used to standardize diagnoses, results and interventions in healthcare facilities as a basis for creating effective care. Finally, practicing nurses can use these terminologies to fill electronic health record evaluations with evidence-based methods that enable effective clinical judgment, results assessment, and personalized intervention. One of the most important applications of NANDA, NOC, and NIC, is in theoretical and practical teaching in nursing schools (Carpenito, 2013). For example, they are incorporated in numerous textbooks for different areas of specialization, and many nursing schools across the world use them to design their curriculums.
Carpenito, L. (2013). Handbook of nursing diagnosis (14th ed.). Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Health.
Johnson, M. (2012). NOC and NIC linkages to NANDA-I and clinical conditions: Supporting critical thinking and quality care (3rd ed.). Maryland Heights, MO: Elsevier Mosby. Read More
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