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Majority of these websites however do not contain peer reviewed material and those with such materials have subscriptions. The other accredited sources of nursing theories information are university…
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Nursing Theory Website Paper
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Nursing Theory Website Affiliation: There are many websites that hold information about the nursing theories. Majority of these websites however do not contain peer reviewed material and those with such materials have subscriptions. The other accredited sources of nursing theories information are university nursing websites but the researcher has to have log in details provided by the university or a member of the university to log in. This therefore limits the website sources that have information on the nursing theories. Some of the websites however even if not accredited and cannot be referenced have provided links to nursing journals and nursing books that contain up to date information on nursing theories and which are valid resources that can be used in a research paper.
There are an endless number of books and journals with nursing information about all the nursing theories which have been published. It is not possible to know the number of books and journals but they are many from different companies and researchers. Some of these journals and books require to be purchased in order to access the whole journal or book other than just abstracts and excerpts but there are others that are free. The currency of the journals and books also ranges from the most recent once published in even year 2012 to those published long time like in the 80s and 90s. The biggest hindrance is that the best and most recent journals are not available and accessible to everyone as they are for sale and not for hire limiting the number of readers.
The theories provided in these websites have limited detailed information and only highlight the main points and arguments of the particular nursing theories. With such limited information, the theories are only good for nursing education and not any other form of nursing practice. In the nursing education, they are applicable to only provide mere guidance and awareness of the theory but further research in other websites, journals and books is needed if the information is for research paper. New students to nursing education can however benefit a lot from the knowledge of the specific nursing theories available and in which particular areas of nursing each theory is applicable to.
In all these three nursing websites, the most discussed theory in a bit more detail and has many other resources such as journal websites and books attached to it is the Florence Nightingale nursing theory. The reason for paying more attention to this particular nursing theory may be because of the major influence Nightingale had on nursing making her a famous nurse-model to many and her fame spreads wide even to those not in nursing field which makes her information becomes more sought out than the rest of the nursing theorists. Her nursing theory is also simple to understand and is not inclined to any particular area of nursing like some of the nursing theories are. Her theory compared to others has many accredited resources linked to it hence the resources are much more available than those of other theories in the dame websites.
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