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VeriSign Inc. Website review - Research Paper Example

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The website of Versign Inc provides information on its products and services, its partners, its support services, information about the company and it also provides a place for its existing customers.On the other hand, TRUSTe is also the internet privacy service provider of leading sites such as Yahoo, Facebooka nd Disney to name a few…
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VeriSign Inc. Website review
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Extract of sample "VeriSign Inc. Website review"

Website Review VeriSign Inc is composed of three business: the VeriSign SSL Certificate Services which "enable secure commerce, communications, and interactions by providing encryption and authentication services to Web sites, intranets, and extranets, the VeriSign Identity and Authentication Services which "strengthen and protect digital identities with a network approach to strong authentication and online fraud detection services" and the VeriSign Domain Name Services which "globalize access to the Internet, and VeriSign is the authoritative registry of all .com, .net, .cc, and .tv domain names" (Verisign Inc). On the other hand, TRUSTe is also the internet privacy service provider of leading sites such as Yahoo, Facebooka nd Disney to name a few.
The over-all look of Verisign is professionalism. The website is colored red, white and black and contains hefty information. Verisign conveys a serious approach to business and it is continuously growing. On the other hand, TRUSTe conveys a friendly service. With collers yellow and green on its website, the company seems to focus on sites for lesire such as Yahoo and other oinline shopping sites.
The website of Versign Inc provides information on its products and services, its partners, its support services, information about the company and it also provides a place for its existing customers. It thoroughly discusses its existing products and services and the way to purchases them. The website also flashes news of its news and is open to announcing some financial figures. These figures reveal that it is a growing business. Verisign website does not give the list of its existing clients and testimonials that could have proven their worth. The website is less on promotions. On the other hand, TRUSTe, also lists its products and services and a showcase of case studies made by reputable institutions that promote the services of the company. The company boasts of a proven practice that creates additional revenue for its clients. It also has a live chat portion where potential customers can talk with the company and with existing customers. However, the company website does not give much informations of its "supports services".
I really hoped to find testimonials but I only found it in TRUSTe website. Also only TRUSTe website has the "search" option which could have been beneficial to potential clients. The testimonials of existing clients will be such a barometer for product effectivenes. I also wanted see a "feedback" portion for both sites but only Verisgn has it. Also neither of the websites provided information as to the cost of service.
The link that would be helpful to follow up is the case study on TRUSTe. The case study provides a website of its authors which would be benificial for validation. From the verisign website, it would also be benifical to follow up the link on government relations. Again, this will be helpful inv alidating the services of the company. An example is the link on the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA).
Both websites appear credible. For Verisign, the websote appears professional with all the proper details of their service. What makes them even more convincing is its tie-up with the government and the industry such as above. This is a very strong authority to suppor their claims. On the other hand, TRUTe is supported by case studies which shows growth in revenue. These studies were done by private entities. Bottom line, Verisign is a more credible company and it only has to add testimonials from its existing clients so as to cement its lead over TRUSTe.

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Verisign Inc. (n.d.). Retrieved November 11, 2009, from Read More
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VeriSign Inc. Website Review Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“VeriSign Inc. Website Review Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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