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From the perspective of Rosalie, this illness became chronic due to the ignorance in the Spanish speakers to take medical cover. This is because Rosalie is not insured. From aunt Rita’s point of…
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Case study on chronic illness
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Chronic Illness Chronic Illness Question Chronic illness is a disease that has either no cure or takes very long to cure. From the perspective of Rosalie, this illness became chronic due to the ignorance in the Spanish speakers to take medical cover. This is because Rosalie is not insured. From aunt Rita’s point of view, the illness became chronic due to the parents’ ignorance to control the illness. This is because she believes the child was never immunized. Rosalie’s condition is perceived that it affects the Spanish mostly because the clinic was launched for them. The Spanish are also affected due to their ignorance on a good medical plan.
Question 2.
Americans have medical cover and face little dangers of controlling the diseases because the insured go for the checkups which are sponsored by the insurers. Members of the countries with low socioeconomic power are rarely informed of medical cover. Low income in them also imposes great challenges in them taking the cover. From the chapter read on Rosalie’s health, she has no medical cover (Moroflubkin & Pamala 2012).
Question 3.
The Healthy people 2020 have a plan to take medical cover to support Rosalie for the rest of her life. She has to also remain on treatment while the medical policy matures. They also have a plan on how to educate her. Rosalie’s aunt will also get a medical cover since her income is low and in future she might not be able to meet her medical needs should they occur.
Question 4.
WHO cares for the underprivileged people’s health: providing them with medicines, education, food and shelter. This way, I will also plan to provide the same to Rosalie and her aunt Rita. This will help relieve her of the burden bagging her life.
Question 5.
If I had to respond to the call, I would inform the health care professionals to have regular checks on the health of the aging population to avoid high costs of treatment. I would also advise them to take early control measures like immunization on children in order to prevent future problems to the victims when they age (Toombs, David & Ronald 1995).
Question 6.
If I had power of control over the resource, I would introduce free and compulsory immunization to the needy and carry out medical researches on people’s health in order to identify how and when to issue treatment to the needy (Dubey 2012).
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