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It has been determined that critics usually have a doubt concerning the viability of the survey (Rosswurm and Larrabee, 1999). According to various researches, the survey on patients can be…
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Patient Surveys
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Nursing Patient Surveys Nursing Patient Surveys Do patient surveys really improve patient care? Introduction Various issues arise from the aspect of patient survey having a role in patient care. It has been determined that critics usually have a doubt concerning the viability of the survey (Rosswurm and Larrabee, 1999). According to various researches, the survey on patients can be described to be influenced by many factors rather than the quality of care they receive. These factors usually entail of patients having no healthcare education and familiarity. These results to the patients giving responses that have no forces and they focus on their personal health status in their responses. Patents also link their preferred outcomes to the quality of care.
Change Model Overview
According to Rosswurm and Larrabee, they initiated a change model that aims at guiding the nurses through various systematic processes for the change to evidence based practices. This model is important for nurses with an aim of facilitating change since the model recognizes the transformation of research into practice (Rosswurm and Larrabee, 1999). However, it requires the use of standardized nomenclature. The nurses require skills and resources that usually appraise and diffuse useful evidence in the practice. Patient’s outcomes usually reflect discipline and accountabilities.
Asses the Need for Change
At this phase of the model, it focuses on the evidence that supports the use of warning in scoring systems and the communication triggers to guide the nurses in critical decision-making process (Rosswurm and Larrabee, 1999). According to this case, it is important to, effectively assess the situation whereby nurses should examine the importance of surveys on the improve the patient care. This should rely on the fact that patients have an idea on healthcare programs and also ensure that they do not give responses based on their personal preferences.
Link the problem, interventions, and outcomes
The process of standardized nursing classification system and nomenclature are expected to determine the problem in the survey. In this case, when the survey is conducted in an accurate manner, the patient’s survey can provide health care organization with information (Rosswurm and Larrabee, 1999). This also focuses on what patients think about the attention they are given at health institutions. It is evident that the desired outcomes of healthcare recognition, focus on early signs and alteration of health care deterioration by the patients.
Synthesize the Best Evidence
At this phase, the organized strategy guides the nursing literature, and the team read and critically reviewed, and the evidence is weighed in conjunction to the clinical researches (Rosswurm and Larrabee, 1999). The outcomes of the survey are vital for healthcare facilities to determine the measures they should take with an aim of improving the healthcare of the patients. It is determined that poor survey outcomes can make providers be penalized, due to factors that they cannot control. This is because surveys can entail of biased facts, and this limits their usefulness. However, it is also effective, since poor ranking acts as a motivating factor to cater for health care organizations. This means that they should embark on strategies that propel the performance improvement. However, a positive feedback on a survey is encouraging too, and it serves as an indicator for health organizations that have a higher performance.
Implement and Evaluate the Change in Practice
In this case, the evidence collected from the survey on the improvement of health care, does not support the change in practice. However, it depends highly on the response of the patients, and the identification of the problems presented. When the feedback is developed, the changes requested by the patients are sorted in a time.
Integrate and Maintain the Change in Practice
In this change, the feedback obtained from the patients survey should be taken into account. However, after the appropriate changes are done based on the preferences of the patients, the healthcare personnel should evaluate the case and identify whether the survey is helpful (Rosswurm and Larrabee, 1999). In case, the outcome is positive it should be reconsidered to be carried out frequently. This will ensure that the opinion of the patient is considered to ensure that their health care system is improved.
Rosswurm, M. A., & Larrabee, J. H. (January 01, 1999). A model for change to evidence-based practice. Image--the Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 31, 4, 317-22. Read More
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