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To understand the ratio as to what is the percentage of providers that actually wash their hands according to the standard policies and…
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Premise Ato
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"Premise Ato"

Download file to see previous pages Debate also suggests that washing hands by health care providers might not be the primary way to prevent the spread of disease however, due to the results that do show that these prevent the speared of disease, the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued through recommendations promoting hand washing by health care providers (Lucking, Maffei, Tamburro & Thomas, 2012).
Having highlighted how important it is to wash hands, the adherence to hand washing guidelines by healthcare providers and especially by physicians is notoriously poor (Lucking, Maffei, Tamburro & Thomas, 2012).
For this research paper, evidence from Chengdu, China is looked at, where 6 hospitals were observed for hand washing adherence. Doctors and nurses were asked about their hand washing practice and observations are recorded. Surprisingly out of 1535 activities where hand hygiene is considered necessary, only about 17.8% of the times the healthcare providers complied with hand washing safety standards (Han, Dou, Zhang & Zhou, 2011). These results don’t reflect the situation in the US however this is an eye opener as to what can be expected in case there is no scrutiny regarding hygiene.
Speaking of overall situation of hand hygiene, in practice it is only observed half of the times it is required for patient care (Carayon, 2011). And interestingly, healthcare providers have their reasons for not completely adhering to hygiene practices; less number of sinks, soap causing irritation or dryness, less number of paper towels and soap, wastage of time as they are too busy with patients, they even complain about faucets and sinks being located at odd places (Carayon, 2011).
This complaint from nurses of not having enough time to pay attention to their hand hygiene is also endorsed by Lautenbach, Woeltje & Malani (2010), where they showed that lack of hand hygiene in hospitals was the major cause of transmitting pathogens. Poor ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Premise Ato Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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