Models for Community and Individual Health Promotion - Assignment Example

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These traits are the ones that contribute majorly to the heath behavior (Edberg, 2010). Community models that are used to support the health…
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Models for Community and Individual Health Promotion
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Running Head: Models for community and individual Health Promotion Models for community and individual Health Promotion Modelsfor community and individual Health Promotion
Individual models that support health behavior are the linked to the personal behaviors that are characterized by that individual. These traits are the ones that contribute majorly to the heath behavior (Edberg, 2010). Community models that are used to support the health behavior are the traits that are possessed by a particular group of people that leave together or are neighbor (Orleans, 2008).
Individual model
One of the individual models used to support health behavior is the Stage change model. In this model, an example used is how a non-smoker working with very many smokers can face the real challenge. He as an individual might decide to help them, but such a behavior as smoking is a very addictive behavior which requires one to have the will of taking the necessary measures to quit smoking. This is a process that is not expected to be smooth running, but as long as the victim is willing then it will be easy to him or her stop the behavior (Edberg, 2010).
Community Model
One of the community models used to support health behavior is the Diffusion of Innovation Theory. It is easy for people to prevent themselves from getting sick by taking precautionary measures like washing your hands before eating or even after visiting the toilet. Some of the major diseases that really affect people and can easily kill; diseases like cancer, diabetes, cannot be easily screened, and one needs help from specialists and to then know how to cure it. For this reason, a community takes the initiative to educate its people more about this disease, their symptoms and where to get help from incase you are infected (Orleans, 2008).
Advantages of the Stage Change model
The Stage Change model helps one know that it is only you who has the full control of your life and that one is willing to leave a positive and healthy life. One can give you advise, and even avail the best clinics for you in order for you to for instance quit smoking but unless you are willing this is not possible (Gochman, 2011).
Disadvantage of the Stage change model
This theory helps individuals who are addicted and not minor things as flu and cold which are common (Gochman, 2011).
Advantage of the Diffusion of Innovative Theory
This theory appreciates the spread of word and information in that, information can reach a lot of people and be helpful to the community. This is through schools, churches and such like places (Gochman, 2011).
Disadvantage of the Diffusion of Innovation Theory
This theory is very dangerous when the wrong information is spread to a group of people. This could lead to a massacre if not used well. (Gochman, 2011)
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