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A vivid description of my current professional position could be centered round three themes, which are the attainment of health, maintenance of health, and recovery to health (Blue, 2007). Professionally, my role in the healthcare industry could be described as a nurse, whose…
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Position in Healthcare
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POSITION IN HEALTHCARE A vivid of my current professional position could be centered round three themes, which are the attainment of health, maintenance of health, and recovery to health (Blue, 2007). Professionally, my role in the healthcare industry could be described as a nurse, whose major task of professional duty includes the critical focus on the provision of basic healthcare to individuals, families and the larger community. Generally, health promotion has been given several technical meanings but from a very concise perspective, I would define health promotion as the issuance of power to the ordinary person to be responsible for his or her own healthcare. This may be a generalized idea that encompasses the need to give people control over their health and other major determinants of their state of health (Moore, 2012).
Basically, the government could be viewed as the major stakeholder in the health promotion mission with a dual role of enacting policies and enforcing the policies. Ultimately, the role of government in health promotion is a role of policy maker. In relation to the role played by the government, the nurse is seen to be a performer of the role of a facilitator of the policies that are enacted and enforced. As a facilitator, the nurse is expected to play his professional role by ensuring that service users who receive service are adequately informed on some of the basic means by which they can have their healthcare secured. This role must be played with all commitment and dedication as service to humanity. Looking closely at my community, the top three (3) health priorities will be given as mental health care, sexual and reproductive health, and infant morbidity. In comparison with the global perspective, it would be seen that these priorities, which hare prevailing in my community are also of prime importance to healthcare stakeholders across the globe (Fielding, Teutsch and Koh, 2012).
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Moore M. (2012). Michael Moore debates his movie "Sicko" on CNN. Accessed January 5, 2013 from, where Read More
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Position in Healthcare Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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