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Indeed, all nations are prone to and encounter health issues related to alcoholism (World Health Organization 10-11). My community is not an exception to this health issue. In fact, alcohol is…
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Community Population Health Issues
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Alcoholism as a Community Population Health Issue It is arguably true that alcohol is one of the greatest addictive drugs in the world. Indeed, all nations are prone to and encounter health issues related to alcoholism (World Health Organization 10-11). My community is not an exception to this health issue. In fact, alcohol is the drug of choice in my community. Men and the youth are the dominant alcohol addicts in my community and this issue wages severe effects to children and women though the later only takes few amounts of alcohol as compared to men and the youth. My motivation to address this issue arises from the adverse effects that relate to alcohol intake in my community. These include, alcohol related deaths, wide spread health disorders, chronic diseases, alcohol related road accidents, domestic violence, reduced productivity in the community, deteriorating levels of education, and social disorder. In addition, the treads of alcohol consumption is also a demerit arising from this health issue in my community. Sadly, these alcohol related demerits spread over to the family and relatives of the alcoholic. As such, the alcohol-drinking problem equally propagates marital problems, cases of child abuse, and criminal activities as people seek to satisfy their addiction. Notable, is the fact that the few women who take alcohol while pregnant manifest adverse effects creating health and social disorder in my community. As such, alcoholism is the top public health issue in my community and warrants quick address.
Nevertheless, it is disputable that alcoholism sprung in my community due to lack, quality, and access of health care. Indeed, the habit to indulge in alcohol is usually a personal decision among the adults or the effect of peer pressure among the youths. However, we lack enough well-established health and rehabilitation centers to address this problem. Indeed, there is little community awareness on the effects of alcoholism in my community and everybody is a witness to the prevalence of this problem.
As such, various agencies can assist in addressing this issue. They may include the government through relevant agencies, non-governmental organizations that deal with drug and substance abuse campaigns, the police, the traffic department, counselors, and rehabilitation centers. These agencies and discipline forces can achieve this by undertaking a community mobilization initiative to create awareness on alcoholism and its adverse effects (National Center for Biotechnology Information Web). To curb alcohol drinking among students and other teens, the government should establish a minimum age to legally access alcohol (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Web). At the same time, the government should restrict off-premise retail sale and availability of alcohol. More so, the government should limit the Hours and Days of Sale alcohol and advocate for alcohol labeling as a health hazard. Health care providers should carry out frequent screening for alcohol misuse and recommend relevant health measures. Furthermore, devolved administrators should liaise with employers and school administrators to condemn alcohol-related absenteeism and health disorders (Faculty of Public Health 1-3). The traffic department in my community should initiate strict drinking and driving legislation with tough penalties to curb alcohol related traffic accidents.
The government through the community administrators should establish and ensure the payment of high Prices and taxation on alcoholic beverages to minimize the access of alcohol in the community (World Health Organization 8-12). They should also ascertain compliance and authorization by ensuring that pubs have and abide with the requirements of their licenses. Cases of alcoholism at school warrant severe punishment that may even include suspension. Most assuredly, the counseling department should spend quality time in guiding alcoholics and their victims on how to stop drinking and devote their leisure time to nation building. Lastly, the government and non-governmental organizations should establish rehabilitation centers for the alcoholics with an aim of making responsible citizens.
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