Interactions with your Preceptor - Assignment Example

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This is due to age and culture differences. During my practice for prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia, as a student nurse good relationship and…
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Interactions with your Preceptor
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EVIDENCE-Based Practice For The Prevention Of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Using Ventilator Bundle In Nursing Home Insert Insert of course
Insert Name of supervisor
EVIDENCE-Based Practice For The Prevention Of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Using Ventilator Bundle In Nursing Home
Sometimes depending on ones’ socialization process, one can have a difficult to communicate with the A preceptor. This is due to age and culture differences. During my practice for prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia, as a student nurse good relationship and communication with preceptors is significant in practicum project, nursing experiences, and nursing career. A preceptor is beneficial in nursing field because he or she gives guidelines and instructions. Preceptor gives support, confirmation, and acceleration, and the preceptor/student relationship is like that of midwife and laboring woman. Both need reinforcement, support, reassurance, and encouragement. The preceptor/student relationship shapes the student nurse midwife is role transition and development, which affects the students self-confidence and performance in the clinical setting.
My preceptor is a nurse educator who assists me in my practicum project in a nursing home. Although there have been some challenges in my practicum projects, I usually have a positive working relationship with my preceptor, who teaches and guides me through practical projects in evidence-based practice for the prevention of ventilator associated pneumonia using ventilator bundle in long term Care (Gables, Reis, Impett &Asher, 2004).
Since the time that I started my practicum, my preceptor has been helpful, understanding and patient. Despite the age differences, my communication with my preceptor is always open. She is usually open to assist me in any problem involving my projects and other aspects of nursing. She responds to questions positively. She has been offering me wise counsel on how to face challenges while in line of duty. The cooperation with my preceptor has enabled me to gain confidence and competence in handling pneumonia cases in long-term care, has enhanced my socialization capacity especially with patients and other nursing practitioners, has opened up employment opportunities, and has given me an opportunity to begin a transition from a student life to a general nurse professional life. In addition, she guides and teaches me different practices in the ventilator unit (Myrick, Sawa, Phelan, Rogers, Barlow &Hurlock, 2006).
My nursing practicum experience is developed through partnership. My partners are my preceptor and the liaison instructor. Each partner has a special role in ensuring the goals of the practicum are met. In the partnership triad, the liaison instructor organizes for the practicum and the preceptor, provide communication link between the student and the practicum agency, and evaluates student experience. The preceptor’s role is to offer a supportive learning atmosphere, act as role model for quality learning practice, and assist me in handling complicated practical issues in the ventilator unit of the nursing home. As a student, my essence in the partnership is to accept the role and responsibility of conducting practice within the ethical and legal standards of the nursing home and nursing profession in general, providing learning progress to the liaison instructor and preceptor, and communicate and identify my own learning needs to the preceptor (Doenges, Moorhouse &Murr, 2010).
The main interpersonal challenge was caused by age difference between my preceptor and me. She is middle aged and so I feared to open up on some issues that need attention, but since she is experienced and understood most of students’ concerns, she encouraged me to be confident and engage in discussions without fear (Gables, Reis, Impett &Asher, 2004).
To enlist the cooperation and coordination of this project, I would ask the assistance of the following people, in the implementation of ventilator bundle for the prevention of VAP to ensure the standard of best practices are fully implemented to avoid morbidity and mortality among nursing home residents. Those people involved include: Administration, The Department of Medical Services, The Department of Nursing Services, Preceptor, Infectious Control Unit, Quality Improvement, Respiratory therapists.
Administration helped a lot in my project to make sure everything was in order and running well. The medical service department also made sure all the equipment and materials needed were available to avoid any delay. Being at the nursing home, my fellow staffs helped a lot in guiding me of what was expected of me as the majority were experienced. Quality department, there role cannot be underestimated. They were the one managed and made sure services given were of high quality and equips used met the required standards. Actually, the success of the project was all teamwork. Similarly, the moral, financial and human resource supports from all departments to pursue this initiative will be critical. (Myrick, Sawa, Phelan, Rogers, Barlow &Hurlock, 2006).

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