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The medical bill, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPCA), signed into law by president Barrack Obama, still faces many challenges even after his victory. This medical bill, popularly known as obamacare, is among the promises that president Obama wants to fulfill…
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Obamas health-care law still faces challenges after presidents reelection
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Obama’s health-care law Insert Challenges of Obama Medical Bill The medical bill, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPCA), signed into law by president Barrack Obama, still faces many challenges even after his victory. This medical bill, popularly known as obamacare, is among the promises that president Obama wants to fulfill as part of the reforms in the healthcare sector. This law is also part of the efforts to socialize health care sector after the success of Medicare and Medicaid. This law compels all American citizens to have a health insurance cover (Clare, 2011).This law also aims at ensuring that all American citizens have a health insurance cover. This is by imposing fines to those who do not take the health insurance cover. It further proposes that the state shall pay for all who are poor and for those who are elderly and are below the poverty line. This law also permits the state to fund abortion to reduce deaths caused by abortion. Despite the aims by president Obama to ensure that all American citizens have health insurance cover, Obama’s bill has received a fair share of criticism from all sectors.
The first challenge on PPCA comes from Supreme Court as it termed Obamacare unconstitutional. This is because Obamacare go against the commercial clause. The Supreme Court termed the law void and null, as it was unconstitutional to compel anyone to take the health insurance cover. The other group that opposes this law is the Association of the American physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), who claim that the laws have less importance to the health care sector in general. They further claim that the law will prove expensive and costly in the end this is because of providing free care to those who are less fortunate. The quality of the health care will also reduce since free market system is not free to operate. Another group that opposes obamacare is the Congressional Budget Officers (CBO) (Dan, 2012). CBO claims that the law will become a burden to many citizens; since many citizens are yet take the health insurance cover, hence this will make access to health care to be difficult. The fines imposed to those who have not taken the health insurance cover will prove to be a financial burden to many citizens.
This law is suitable for the American people. This is because it aims at preventing death to all American citizens. This is because if all citizens get the health insurance cover then there is reduction in cases of people dying because of lack of access to quality healthcare. The law will also ensure that all employers secure medical insurance cover for all employees. This will ensure that all employees have health insurance cover hence this law is good for the nation thus everyone should support it. This law subsidizes healthcare for those who are below the poverty line. This will ensure that citizens of all classes have access to quality health care. This law ensures that there is funding of abortions to prevent all deaths caused by abortions. Despite this numerous advantages of the new health care bill, there are many challenges that accompany it. This is because it will increase government expenditure due to funding of abortion and paying for the less fortunate. Another challenge is on the part that makes it compulsory for all to take a health insurance cover (Paul, 2012). This is because it should be a personal choice to take or not to take health insurance cover. The government spending on abortion will increase the level of abortion in the country. This law is good for the general welfare of the American people since its advantages are evident, but it has also its negative sides. In my opinion, the bill be more effective if it were amended to get rid off its negative impacts.

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