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As a result, health professionals are advised to make use of modern methods of taking care of patients such as evidence based nursing through…
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Reflection on clinical simulation
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Pain Management Inserts His/Her Inserts Grade Inserts 2nd October, Overview Patient care isone of the most delicate tasks that can be undertaken by any person including professional healthcare professionals. As a result, health professionals are advised to make use of modern methods of taking care of patients such as evidence based nursing through critical thinking and reflection. The basics and essentials steps of undertaking reflection are reporting, responding, relating, reasoning and reconstructing. We are going to apply these steps in analysing a case of a diabetes patient who was brought to the emergency room for treatment (McGuire 97). The patient situation we are going to analyse involves a patient who was diabetic under observation as shown below using the 5 R’s.
Reporting: This patient’s blood sugar level was at 16mmol and he was on an insulin infusion with an hourly observation for his blood sugar levels. He also had a naso-gastric tube in place with blood pressure under a two hourly observation routine and he was due for an x-ray on that specific day at 2 p.m. When dealing with the patient he was not feeling and in pain, his naso-gastric tube was not in place. As a result, we should have attended to the patient immediately as instructed by the doctor which unfortunately we did not.
Responding: Our first duty was to respond to the patients needs and I being in charge of the other nurses should have advocated for response to be undertaken immediately. We should have administered the normal saline dose immediately and stayed with the patient and give support to reduce anxiety. Anxiety is usually known for heightening pain and staying with the patient while relieving and stroking him would assist in relieving the pain since distraction assists in reducing pain (McGuire 86).
Relating: Due to my experience as a healthcare professional, I should have been able to relate pain and psychological experience caused by anxiety. I would have applied a stop gap measure for the pain. Apart from administering drugs, I would have made the patient comfortable and re-assured him that the pain would go away soon. Since these non-pharmacological interventions are effective in relieving pain compared to the use of drugs (Lester 89).
Reasoning: Based on this situation, the ultimate goal was for us to relieve pain and prepare the patient for an x-ray. Therefore, the best practice would have been to make use of painkillers and administer insulin and monitor his vital signs. In this case, monitoring blood sugar level and pressure while at the same time checking on the patient’s pain tolerance. Making use of medical interventions is more effective compared to soothing and re-assuring the patient.
Reconstructing: Finally, analysing the whole situation we could have managed the situation better by taking all necessary precautions and better planning. We could have looked into the cause of pain to the patient while contacting a naso-gastric specialist. Moreover, we could have used more of non-drug interventions such as soothing and re-assuring the patient that everything would be alright. This would have been done by giving support and reliving pain while at the same time making the patient comfortable (Lester 104). Drawing from this experience, I have learned that I need to understand more on naso-gastric ailments and study more on patients and pain management based on different ailments.
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