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But it is still very threatening to the world that in this age, the natural resources are being depleted in a very fast and alarming rate. On an article…
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Scarce Resources Article
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Scar and Fast Depletion of Resources Is a Cause for Global Alarm Scar and Fast Depletion of Resources
Is a Cause for Global Alarm
As a generally accepted fact, resources will always prove to be scarce in addressing the needs and wants of the whole world. But it is still very threatening to the world that in this age, the natural resources are being depleted in a very fast and alarming rate. On an article for Reuters (Chestney), it was highlighted that with the speedy depletion of such resources arose problems such as hunger, conflict, social unrest, and species extinction.
Furthermore, the aforementioned problems will sprout more dilemma for the whole world; “hunger due to food yield changes will lead to malnutrition; water scarcity will deteriorate hygiene; pollution will weaken immune systems; and displacement and social disorder due to conflicts over water and land will increase the spread of infectious diseases” (Chestney). It was also well observed that water has also been increasingly scarce on regions wherein agricultural yields are increasing, especially in the major regions of Asia (Heinberg). This will then snowball into an abrupt and drastic production drop-off in which the world could suffer a global food crises which in turn will also even more trigger the chain of problems aforementioned above. This issue is something not to be trifled with. The victim of such scarcity is not only those who suffer first hand of depleted resources and hunger.
This issue strikes to the very survivability of each and every person living in this world. With the advent of globalization and modernization, many resources have been abused and diminished. But for all the negativities that it has dealt nature, we must also look at the strengths we have developed along with it and use it to our advantage to sort out and remedy this problem. After all, it was for the sake of development and technological advancements why civilizations and countries pursued to be globalized and modernized. Yet this somehow divides further each country from another, with superpowers such as US and China holding an arms race and hoarding control over the resources of other nations (Heinberg). It is in this such case that competition is very unhealthy. what is needed is for the cooperation, and not competition, of all the nations to achieve proper allocation of the limited resources in order to alleviate and make the lives better and pave way for a more sustainable future.
Every person must be active to pursue and promote the cooperation of their nation to help evade this global threat. The only ones who stand to benefit from the success of such cooperation and unity are also the people themselves and the future of the human generation. Technologies should be developed to optimize yield of agricultural production without sacrificing as much resources to achieve the yield needed. Also, alternative technologies should also be explored for many processes wherein consumption of resources is aplenty. Provisions and laws should be created in order to safeguard the use and consumption of resources, and also to support such developments in technology.
Chestney, Nina. (2011). Scarce Resources, Climate Biggest Threats to World Health. Reuters. Retrieved from
Heinberg, Richard. 2012. Co-operation In A World Of Scarce Resources. Aljazeera. Retrieved from Read More
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