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It is safe to say that individuals always get hurt, get sick, have babies or die every day. Hence, nurses will always be occupied, and the wages they earn due to this is respectable. Nurses are also more flexible when…
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Nursing philosophy
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Nursing Philosophy Nursing is one in many careers that truly is recession-proof. It is safe to say that individuals always get hurt, get sick, have babies or die every day. Hence, nurses will always be occupied, and the wages they earn due to this is respectable. Nurses are also more flexible when compared to doctors (Watson 53). When a medical practitioner picks up a specialty, he or she normally is stuck to the profession. However, nurses can change from one area of medicine to another, and they do this with ease.
The core values of nursing are caring, integrity and diversity. A nurse should embrace the caring culture as they should put aside their values and care for the sick patient. Nurses should have integrity so as to make an ethical decision (Watson 65). Nurses should also embrace diversity so as to understand different cultures in accordance to their patients.
Nurses believe that humans are complex organisms and that the study of their nature is more complex than people perceive (Watson 70). Nurses also believe that humans like to be understood. Finally, nurses believe that all humans behave differently. This is helpful as nurses look after dozens of people each day. Hence, they learn to relate with the different types of species that are out there.
The society expects nurses to offer emotional support to their patients, as well as their families. Also, the society expects nurses to have good hygiene along with their dressing (Watson 72). Finally, a nurse is also expected, by the society, to follow the doctor’s orders. This might include overseen tests among others.
A patient expects a nurse to look after him or her in all ways (Watson 72). For instance, a patient who cannot walk expects a nurse to lead his or her way in the hospital. In addition, families with their respective members in a hospital expect nurses to look after them with much care. Finally, a doctor expects that a nurse follows his or her directions such as when caring out surgeries or tests that are left behind to be done later (Watson 73).
Education in nursing offers the potential nurse with great knowledge that she might draw upon on her career (Watson 105). Also, education nursing requires potential nurse to complete a semester of hands-on practice in a health center. This enables potential nurses to have a glimpse of what nursing really involves before they call it a career (Watson 105). Finally, education in nursing enables future nurses to acquire licenses from the National Council Licensure Examination in nursing.
If I turn out to be a nurse, then I would go an extra mile of seating with patients on their sick beds and make them feel that somebody cares about them. I would be a nurse who holds a patient’s hand in comfortable quietness. Five years from now I would be head of the nurses department at the health center I work in, and 15 years from now probably I would have started my own nursing school that educates my core values.
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Watson, Jean. Nursing: The Philosophy and Science Of Caring. Boulder, Colorado: University Press of Colorado, 2008. Print. Read More
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