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This model provides a framework for nurses within which they can make decisions regarding their daily practices which have direct or indirect impact on the…
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Change Model
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Change Model of Change Model The Iowa Model of Evidence- Based Practice to Promote Quality Care would apply effectively to the implementation plan. This model provides a framework for nurses within which they can make decisions regarding their daily practices which have direct or indirect impact on the outcomes of patient care. In respect to this implementation plan, the Iowa Model can provide the theoretical framework to apply in the evidence-based practice at hand. The model will be used to carry the implementation through each of the phases as identified in the model (Titler, et al., 2001).
The model requires that the implementation plan should begin by encouraging of the nursing staff to identify the practice questions that are either triggered through identification of a new knowledge or problem. In this plan, the model would that practice questions relating to the response to medical adherence to newly diagnosed young male with coronary heart disease be identified first. This will be essential in allocation of supporting resources to the top-most priorities. The next step that the model requires in implementation plan is formation of a team to develop, evaluate and implement the practice change. This team should be made up of stakeholders in the practice change; the team may include unit managers, interdisciplinary colleagues, and the staff nurses that identified the practice questions. Therefore, a team should be formed comprising of the aforementioned persons in order to effectively implement the plan (Reed and Lawrence, 2008).
The model further requires that the team that has been formed should select, critique, review, and synthesize all the available research evidence relating to the implementation plan (Titler et al, 2001). In an event that the evidence is not sufficient, the team can make recommendations using lower evidence levels or by conducting additional research. If the evidence is adequate, then the practice can be initiated. After ascertaining this aspect, the team involved in this implementation plan should pilot the practice change in a bid to determine the effectiveness and feasibility. If the results of the pilot projects are positive, the team should facilitate integration and roll-out of the practice through continuous monitoring of outcomes, education, and leadership support. Thereafter, the Iowa Model requires that the reports of the projects to be shared outside and within the organization through publications and presentations. The model emphasizes on this step as it is important in supporting the evidence-based practice culture within the organization, as well as encouraging evidence-based practice changes and expanding nursing knowledge in other organizations. It is important to point out that the model includes several feedback loops, evaluation, modification, and reflecting analysis that are based on evaluation of both the outcomes and process. These aspects are important in individualizing the evidence to the setting of the practice (Radwin and Fawcett, 2002).
Creating a Conceptual Model of the Project
Firstly, a straw model would be created to act as a rough draft that will be used to start the discussion with the nursing stakeholders. After the first step, the stakeholders would be identified for inclusion in the initial feedback stage. Additionally, the posters would be developed, as well as the education learning module to teach the nurses about the framework. Once the model for the project has been developed, it will be incorporated into all essential areas needed in the project including evidence-based practice, research, education, peer review, and nursing job descriptions (Fawcett, 2007).
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Titler, M. et al. (2001). The Iowa model of evidence-based practice to promote quality care. Critical Care Nursing Clinics of North America, 13, 497-509. Read More
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